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Light Bulbs and Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers include a light fixture, and the bulb used in this lighting fixtures can cause several types of problems with the functioning of the opener and the light bulb itself. Problems with Garage Door Opener Light Bulbs There are three types of light bulbs in use today, incandescent, florescent, and LED, and each one can create its own type of problem when used in a garage door opener. Incandescent bulbs are now becoming less common because they create more heat than light, making them energy-inefficient, but many people still prefer these old-fashioned bulbs and use them in the garage door opener. One reason people prefer this type of bulb for the garage door opener has to do with radio frequencies. Garage door openers work by sending out a… Read more

How to Prevent Garage Door Injuries

For almost fifteen years now, garage doors have been manufactured and sold with safety features required by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). These simple, but effective, safety components use a laser photo-eye and a pressure sensor to prevent what used to be all too common injuries and deaths caused by garage door crushing accidents. While these safety features have dramatically reduced injuries and deaths – a significant number involving children and pets – which used to be caused by garage doors, they have not eliminated garage door injuries entierly. However, by following a few precautions, homeowners and household residents can avoid most all accidents involving a garage door. Preventing Garage Door Injuries The most common garage door injuries fall into three categories, together affecting over 10,000 people every year… Read more

Summer Safety Inspection for Your Garage Door

Summer is an active time for many people in Virginia. Besides trips to sporting events, amusement parks, campgrounds, swimming pools, beaches, and concerts, many Richmond and Chesterfield area families are also busy working on home repairs, property renovations, and garden clean-up projects. Summer is also a time of inspiration and good weather for enjoying arts and crafts projects at home, for finding time to tinker with the car or motorcycle, and for enjoying backyard barbecues with family and friends. All of these fun, summertime activities are likely to take you into the garage for beach gear, bikes, barbecues, and tool boxes, and that is a good reason for making sure your garage door is in safe, working order. Garage Door Safety and Your Summer Fun If you are like many… Read more

Summertime Profits Might Be Hiding in Your Garage

The modern garage is often used as an auxiliary storage space, and eventually the space becomes hard or impossible to use due to all the accumulation. Given that the garage is also the entrance most often used into a home, a cluttered garage becomes even more of a safety hazard, and it makes household life harder. Summer is a great time for getting a cluttered garage in order, and it is also possible to make a small profit while you do it. Turn Your Garage into Summer Profit If your garage is full of useful but unused household items, tools, building supplies, books, clothing, and furniture, one way of getting organized and making a little extra cash is by having a garage sale. While many people with household items to… Read more

Is Your Garage Ready for Summer?

Summer is a hot and busy time for families in Henrico County and the Richmond and Chesterfield area. There is often a lot of coming and going to swimming, biking, picnicking, hiking, sporting events, and other summer fun. And this is not to mention all the home fix-it projects which have made their way into the garage, waiting for time on the summer schedule. Two important considerations for making your garage space more summer-friendly are getting the space organized to make summer outings and projects easier and making sure the door is well insulated, preventing summer heat from making the garage unpleasant to venture into and transferring heat to the house. Organizing Your Garage for Summer Fun If your garage is home to equipment and supplies for summer activities, getting… Read more

Brightening-Up Your Garage with LED Florescent Lights

The garage is often a place lacking good lighting. Dim lighting in the garage makes it hard to find what you need or do whatever it is you need to do there. One solution people sometimes resort to when garage lighting is inadequate is opening the garage door, but while a well-functioning garage door is a must for safe and convenient access, it is not really an optimum way of bringing light to the interior of the garage. Many garages are built with a minimal lighting system consisting only of one or two porcelain fixtures and a set of switches by the door for turning the lights off and on. Improving on this lighting arrangement is not hard to do. If your garage is dingy and lacking light, installing florescent… Read more

5 Popular Traditional Garage Door Collections

There are literally hundreds of styles of garage door to choose from when you are replacing your old one in the Chesterfield area. Carriage-house garage door bring on a look of history and heritage, while traditional-style garage doors share a modern look, quiet and efficient operation, and solid construction. Here are five of the most popular traditional garage door styles in the extensive Amarr garage door collection. The Amarr Heritage Collection These garage doors are built with a 24 gauge, heavy steel frame and sheathing. This is the heaviest gauge of steel used in garage doors for private residences. The Amarr Heritage collection comes in 150 individual designs with varying panel heights and surface patterns and a wide variety of window shapes and sizes as well as designs without windows… Read more

6 Styles of Carriage House Garage Doors by Amarr

Modern carriage house garage doors present an image of stature and heritage following the styles of 18th and 19th century country-manor stables for horses and carriage. These impressive garage doors have the look and feel of their stately predecessors but with the addition of modern materials, technologies, and safety features. The original carriage house doors were usually hung in pairs and swung open toward the outside of the building. Modern carriage house garage doors are built in inconspicuous horizontal section, so they can fold and roll open upwards like regular garage doors, and they can be operated with any kind of garage door opener. In addition, newer materials and foam core insulation make modern versions of the carriage house door lighter in weight and therefore safer. Here are details of… Read more

Insurance and Your Garage Door

The garage door is a bit unique compared to other parts of the house, making things more complicated when it comes to insurance claims. The garage door is big, heavy, and in close proximity to cars and other large, moving objects, increasing the chances of some kind of serious damage compared to the living room door, for example. Also, a garage door moves, often many times a day, creating lots of possibilities for accidents. The garage door is also a large, thin surface area, making it especially prone to forces by heavy wind. Both homeowners and auto insurance policies can come into play when a garage door is involved in an insurance claim in Virginia. Garage Door Repair Insurance Claims All insurance claims start with the question of responsibility, and… Read more

Getting the Most Holiday Storage Out of Your Garage

For many families, part of holiday fun and celebration is in displaying Christmas ornaments inside and outside the home. Icicle lights, sumptuous wreaths, full-sized Nativity scenes, and fragile, glittering bulbs for the tree, hearth, and lawn come out of boxes or arrive fresh from the store. Once the holidays are over, all these seasonal possessions have a way of ending up in messy piles of boxes in the garage, getting in the way until they are needed again next season. A few easy-to-find storage solutions can keep things organized and safe and help you get the most holiday storage out of your garage space. Garage Storage Container Solutions Clear, stacking plastic storage bins come in all sizes and shapes and are one simple solution for stashing away holiday decorations. But… Read more

Painting Your Garage from Top to Bottom

If your garage is dim and unattractive inside or out, a simple paint job can transform it into a warmer and friendlier space. Painting the garage door and exterior trim can create a big improvement in a homeís curbside appeal. Painting the inside walls and ceiling of the garage can brighten the room and make it easier to keep clean. Painting the garage floor has many advantages. Painting the Garage Door and Exterior The garage door on most houses takes up a significant area of visual space. Even if your house does not need an entire new paint job, painting the garage door can do wonders for the look of your home. For metal or wood garage doors, a high-quality, exterior latex house paint should be used. Wooden garage doors… Read more

Cutting-Edge Garage Door Technology

The garage is keeping pace with the technological advances moving into the modern home. While garage door openers started out as simple mechanism for opening and closing the door, they are rapidly evolving into integrated electronic devises that predict and respond to our household needs before we even become aware of them ourselves. Garage door openers, and the doors themselves, saw many changes in design and construction during the last decades. One of the first technological advances was the introduction of photo-eye sensors and door reversing mechanisms for preventing people and pets from getting trapped under a closing door, introduced in 1993. Soon after that, remote-control openers, back-up battery systems, and more advanced springs, rollers, and tracks also became available. Garage doors started out as large, ridged panels which opened… Read more

Fun Tips for Turning Your Garage into a Halloween Experience

Halloween is a great time for cleaning-up and organizing the garage and turning it into a Halloween fun and excitement center. In most homes, the garage is situated at the front of the house, making it the perfect location for spooky decorations, holiday artwork, and games for trick-or-treaters. Opening up the door and turning the whole garage into a haunted house, macabre gallery of horror, or festive pumpkin and autumn display can make your house a popular stop for trick-or-treaters and the buzz among neighbours. Start By Cleaning Up Your Garage and Garage Door Besides being fun, turning your garage into a Halloween extravaganza is a perfect opportunity for organizing and cleaning up this space. Put tools and supplies away in cabinets or on shelves. Get bikes, lawnmowers, and other… Read more

Top Garage Door Problems: #5 When Your Garage Door Has a Mind of Its Own

A well-functioning garage door makes life easier and safer. It provides a way of protecting your vehicle inside the perimeters of your home, gives you access to a large space for doing messy projects, and provide ample storage area for all kinds of household items. Garage doors and openers are designed to obey your commands at the push of a button, so when they develop a mind of their own, it is inconvenient and disturbing. Here are the most common problems with garage doors opening, closing, and otherwise misbehaving on their own. Garage Door Opens Randomly It can be unnerving when a garage door opens randomly by itself. Even more disconcerting is when this happens when no one is at home. When garage doors act up in this way, it… Read more

Top Garage Door Problems: #4 Choosing a Garage Door Opener

If your garage door opener is not working like it should, it might be time for a new one. This is not a simple do-it-yourself home repair project, and most people hire a professional garage door company to do the work. Still, knowing about the basic types of garage door openers and the pros and cons of each is important for homeowners. You want an opener that works for your situation and budget, and the more you understand the options, the better you can communicate with the person doing the installation. Types of Garage Door Openers While there are dozens of makes and models of garage door openers, there are only a handful of basic types. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, and the best one is largely a… Read more

Garage Door Problems: #3 Springs and Tracks

Garage doors are a lot more complicated than other doors in your house. While a regular door swings easily open and shut on two or three simple, mechanical hinges, the weight and overhead opening of a garage door requires one or more heavy-duty springs, a pair of tracks and rollers, and an electric motor for getting the same job done. While a squirt of oil is all you may ever need to keep your front door swinging effortlessly, the garage door needs more intensive periodic maintenance to keep it safe and trouble-free. Here is an overview of garage door springs and tracks, the signs of potential problems, and what to do when they arise. Types of Garage Door Springs Garage door springs are usually one of two basic types, extension… Read more

Top Garage Door Problems: #2 Photo Eyes

The photo eye in a garage door opening system is an important safety component. Without it, the door can accidently close onto a person or pet, potentially causing serious injury or death. Since 1993, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has required such devises on all garage door openers. The result has been a large decrease in injuries and deaths caused by garage doors accidently entrapping someone. However, these safety devices are also a frequent source of problems in the functioning of garage doors. Most often, the symptom of this problem is a door which will not close at all or one which closes part way and then opens again. Fixing photo eye problems is often something homeowners can do themselves, or your garage door professional can easily resolve… Read more

Top Garage Door Problems: #1 Dead Batteries

Garage doors can be finicky, and this really is no big surprise. The average garaged door weights in between 100 lbs. and 180 lbs., and this is a lot of weight when you consider the door opens up and down and has to work against gravity every time it is used. Also, most garage doors are mechanically and electrically operated, meaning they have more moving parts and more components where problems can occur requiring garage door repair. The good news is that repairing garage door problems is relatively easy for a garage door specialist. There are also a number of problems which can be easily fixed by the homeowner. Here is the first in our five part series on the most common garage door problems and how to resolve them… Read more

5 Common Problems with Garage Doors

A garage door is a wonderful thing – if it is working correctly. When it is not working, garage doors are annoying at the least and potentially dangerous at worst. Here are solutions to 5 common problems people have with their garage door. Battery and Electrical Problems Garage door remote openers operate with battery power. The opener mechanism inside the garage is also connected to an AC power source, and most openers also have a backup battery inside the garage for use during a power failure. Many problems with the operation of a garage door are resolved simply by replacing the batteries in the remote opener or checking that the mechanism inside the garage has not somehow become unplugged. It is a good idea to have a replacement battery for… Read more

Preventing Fires in Your Garage

Every day, there are an average of eighteen garage fires making the news all around the country. Over 93 percent of these fires occur in attached garages in single or double occupancy homes. These fires are responsible for an average of 30 deaths each year. Fires starting in the garage are also among the most destructive house fires. Garage fires tend to spread more rapidly than fires starting in other areas of the house, and they cause more property damage than other types of fires. An estimated $457 million dollars in property damage is caused each year in the U.S. by fires starting in an attached garage. Fortunately, there are some simple ways of keeping your garage and home from becoming one of these statistics. Causes of Garage Fires Garages… Read more

Does Your Garage Need Weatherization?

Attached garages are often a source of energy loss in a home. The garage door is one obvious source, but it is not the only area to consider when thinking about garage weatherization improvements. An attached garage, by definition, shares one or more walls with the house. The garage ceiling can also be the floor of a second story room. Both of these situations can lead to energy transfer, and energy loss, between the house and garage. Many garages also have windows, and there is almost always a regular sized door between the house and garage. These are two other areas where garage weatherization improvements can make a difference in energy bills and comfort. Many factors influence how much energy you can save by making weatherization improvements in the garage… Read more

Maximizing Storage and Minimize Clutter in Your Garage

Garages come into this world as places for parking cars. In reality, garages often become a collection zone for stuff on its way to somewhere else, even if the car is parked in there also. The convenient access provided by a garage door makes using this space for storage especially easy. In one survey, 85 percent of US homes with two-car garages said the space is not used to park the car. In many homes, storage space is the main use for a garage. A cluttered and overflowing garage is overwhelming and a waste of time, especially if you need to find something. Cluttered garages can become a source of household friction, and they can even be a fire or pest hazard. The solution is maximizing the storage space inside… Read more

Repurposing Your Garage for a New Use

If your garage has transformed from a wide-open, car parking space into something else, you are not alone. One recent survey of US households found only 15 percent of homeowners with a garage are using it for the purpose of parking their car behind a garage door. The most common usage for a car-less garage is as a dumping ground for stuff in transition. Intentionally repurposing the space for a better use can make your home more comfortable and more valuable. The best new use for an underutilized garage is different for everyone, but successful garage conversions range from repurposing as spare bedrooms, home offices, libraries, entertainment centers, and studio apartments. The first step in most garage repurposing projects is checking with the county building and planning departments. Some areas… Read more

How to Keep Your Garage Door Safe

The most potentially dangerous object in a home is usually the garage door. While accidents involving garage doors have gone down tremendously since manufacturing safety laws were passed in 1993, keeping up on garage door maintenance is one of the best ways of keeping your family safe in your home. If you are not familiar with your garage door and how it works, the manual is a good place to start. If you don’t have one, you may be able to find it online by searching for the manufacturer and model number shown on your garage door opener. Another option is to have a professional garage door specialist come and show you everything you need to know for safely operating and maintaining your garage door. The main two points of… Read more

How to Make Your Garage Go Green

The garage is a big space that is often overlooked when making a home more environmentally friendly. The average garage is about 400 square feet – bigger than most bedrooms – and the garage door is the largest opening into the house. There are a lot of reasons for thinking green for your garage along with the rest of your house and yard. A top reason is energy savings, and there are several ways of achieving energy savings in your garage. Most garages have a door into the main house, as well as sharing two or more walls adjoining the house. The construction of all of the walls, doors and windows in the garage can have a major impact on energy costs. When garage walls are not insulated and windows… Read more

DIY Maintenance for Your Garage Door

Keeping your garage door working properly and looking good is important for the safety, value and aesthetics of your home. While there are some garage door maintenance tasks and repairs that should be left to professionals, there are also quite a few things you can do on your own. Here are the most important points in DIY maintenance for your garage door. Garage doors can be dangerous. They are large and often heavy, weighing up to 250 pounds. The average garage door is opened about one thousand times a year, making good maintenance a high priority. Keeping your garage door in safe working order, and detecting any potential problems before they pose a safety hazard, is the most important garage door maintenance task you can do. Your garage door is… Read more

A Brief History of the Modern Garage

The garage is an integral part of the modern home, but it was not always so. The modern garage is only a little over one hundred years old, and like all forms of architecture, it has its own history. Before cars were invented, most homes had an outbuilding for housing the horse drawn carriage. These carriage houses were often simple structures with dirt floors, four walls, and a swinging set of doors that were prone to falling off their hinges. Sometimes the carriage was simply stored in a barn along with the horses. Sometimes the horse shared the carriage house with the carriage. Either way, things were kind of messy. When cars came along, it did not take long for people to start looking around for someplace to store the… Read more

Keeping Your Garage Door Secure

Your garage door is the biggest entrance to your home, and it requires just as much consideration as any other opening when you are planning home security. The remote opener and emergency release mechanism are frequently the points of failure in garage door break-ins. Other important points in garage security involve other doors and windows in the garage structure and making sure the garage cannot become a workshop for thieves trying to enter the house. The most vulnerable part in a garage door system is the remote control opener. Older models of openers have pre-set codes, or a pad for the homeowner to enter a code of their choosing. Having an opener with a pre-set code is not a good idea, because it is easy for someone to use an… Read more

Why should you replace your old garage door?

While it is easily overlooked, your garage door is a big deal. That’s because it is a big door, and therefore a major entrance into your house. Because it is big and usually located at the front of the residence, it also takes up a lot of visual space on the outside of the home. This leads to some good reasons for considering replacement of an old garage door. Curb Appeal: The door may be damaged, out of style or made of inferior materials. Whatever the reason, if it does not look good, it is a detraction from the home’s value, not to mention an unpleasant site that greets the eye every time someone arrives or departs, setting the visual tone at the entrance way. Sometimes a garage door can… Read more