5 Popular Traditional Garage Door Collections

There are literally hundreds of styles of garage door to choose from when you are replacing your old one in the Chesterfield area. Carriage-house garage door bring on a look of history and heritage, while traditional-style garage doors share a modern look, quiet and efficient operation, and solid construction. Here are five of the most popular traditional garage door styles in the extensive Amarr garage door collection.

The Amarr Heritage Collection

These garage doors are built with a 24 gauge, heavy steel frame and sheathing. This is the heaviest gauge of steel used in garage doors for private residences. The Amarr Heritage collection comes in 150 individual designs with varying panel heights and surface patterns and a wide variety of window shapes and sizes as well as designs without windows.

The exclusive, patented Safe-Guard System is designed to prevent fingers from being pinched or trapped between the panels of the doors as the fold up and down. This safety design also features a specialized bottom bracket and hinge design for enhanced safety. Doors are designed to withstand average wind conditions, but upgraded wind-load protection can be ordered to meet local requirements.

Amarr garage doors are constructed with an environmentally friendly, CFC-free insulation. Insulating R-values are available between R 6.64 and 9.05 on Amarr Heritage collection garage doors. Insulation inside the door also reduces noise from the garage into the house and from the street into the house. Amarr Heritage garage doors come with a lifetime warranty.

Amarr Stratford Collection

Classic designs and a reasonable price are the hallmarks of the Amarr Stratford garage door collection. Standard gauge steel frame and exterior panels are durable and require only occasional cleaning to maintain. Steel construction prevents warping and cracking of the door when it is exposed to the weather.

Insulation R-values for the Amarr Stratford collection range from 6.48 to 6.64. These doors have low maintenance requirements and a high safety rating. They come with a 15 year to lifetime warranty.

The Amarr Olympus

The Olympus garage doors from Amarr are made with triple-thick, layered panels giving one of the highest insulation R-values of any garage door, ranging from R-13.35 to R-19.40. The high insulation value also makes this door supremely quiet during operation and an excellent barrier against street noise infiltrating into the house.

The durable construction of Amarr Olympus garage doors means less maintenance and repair over the life of the door. Extra insulation is perfect for garages that get lots of household use for laundry, recreation, and workshops. This line of garage doors has a medium safety rating and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Amarr Vista Specialty Doors

This collection of garage doors is especially designed to match sleek and modern architectural styles. Contemporary houses built with long, clean lines and lots of spacious windows require a garage door to match their unique presentation. The Amarr Vista collection of specialty garage doors contains the perfect match for almost any contemporary home.

This is also the collection to look into if you need an extra wide garage door with doors up to 24 feet wide being available. A wide variety of stock colors also lets you match virtually any color in the powder-coated, custom paint finish on these steel garage doors. Low maintenance, a medium safety rating, and a five year warranty are standard on this collection of garage doors.

Amarr Costal

The Amarr Costal garage door collection is constructed with durable vinyl for resisting rust and keeping out wind and rain. The vinyl construction wraps around the edges of each door panel, providing a complete seal against moisture on the inside on the panels.

The solid vinyl panels are also especially resistant to cracking, dents, warping, and rot. Requiring almost no maintenance and providing an insulation R-value of 8.16, these are doors especially suited to areas with high levels of fog, rain, and weather conditions that can lead to rusting in steel garage doors.

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