6 Styles of Carriage House Garage Doors by Amarr

Modern carriage house garage doors present an image of stature and heritage following the styles of 18th and 19th century country-manor stables for horses and carriage. These impressive garage doors have the look and feel of their stately predecessors but with the addition of modern materials, technologies, and safety features.

The original carriage house doors were usually hung in pairs and swung open toward the outside of the building. Modern carriage house garage doors are built in inconspicuous horizontal section, so they can fold and roll open upwards like regular garage doors, and they can be operated with any kind of garage door opener.

In addition, newer materials and foam core insulation make modern versions of the carriage house door lighter in weight and therefore safer. Here are details of six styles of carriage house garage door now available from Commonwealth Garage Doors in the Chesterfield and Hopewell Virginia areas.

Amarr Carriage Court

Built with sturdy composite material, 6.48 R-value insulation, and sections backed with rigid steel, this garage door provides high energy efficiency and extra sound insulation with a classic carriage house door look.

The ⅝-inch thick outer sheathing is manufactured with a blend of reclaimed wood fiber and polymer thermoplastic and is considered a green building material. This material is especially resistant to rot and decay.

Windows at the top of the door can be arched or rectangular and come with standard double-glazed, tempered glass. The Amarr Carriage Court garage door has a medium safety rating and a lifetime warranty.

Amarr Classica

This garage door has the look of vintage wood and authentic vertical style but is actually made of long-lasting steel. Extra low maintenance requirements and a high safety rating give this door up-to-date functionality while preserving a classic carriage house look.

The Amarr Classica is available in varying thickness for achieving insulation R-value ratings between 6.64 and 13.3. The sag-proof steel frame allows for big windows, and tempered, double glazing ensures excellent energy efficiency and sound protection.

A unique design in the folding sections is especially safe for hands and fingers. This garage door is available with additional reinforcement to match the wind loads required by local building codes.

Amarr Hillcrest

This is another carriage house garage door made with a strong, low-maintenance steel frame. There are many styles to choose from in the Amarr Hillcrest collection. Optional DecraTrim and DecraGlass features are available for customizing and personalizing this door and making it stand out even more.

Extra insulation provides an R-value of 9.05 along with increased noise insulation and quieter operation. Doors can be ordered to match local wind loads as required by the building department. A lifetime warranty and low maintenance requirements make this carriage house garage door a great value for the price.

Amarr Oak Summit

The Amarr Oak Summit comes in seventy unique designs and at one of the most affordable price points of all carriage house garage doors. An R-value of 6.48 to 6.64 keeps the garage space well insulated while also cutting down on noise infiltration into the house.

The special Safe-Guard Pinch Protection feature provides extra safety for hands and fingers, making this an especially safe garage door for families with small children. Low maintenance requirements, a high safety rating, and a fifteen year to lifetime warranty (depending on the model) mean less cost and worries over the lifetime of the door.

Amarr Designer’s Choice

If you are looking for the maximum in R-value and insulation, the Amarr Designerís Choice models are an excellent choice. R-values from 13.35 up to 19.40 make this one of the most energy efficient carriage house style doors available and perfect for garages used as a workshop or recreational area.

The high R-value also translates into increase insulation against traffic and street sounds. Heavy-duty hardware and triple-layer construction make these doors durable and low on maintenance. The Amarr Designerís Choice collection has a medium safety rating and a lifetime warranty.

Amarr by Design

The Amarr by Design collection is for anyone looking for a modern carriage house garage door made of solid wood. You can come up with your own design creation or choose from ten standard available styles using the pattern, window design, and customized hardware of your choosing.

The R-9 insulation provides extra comfort inside the garage and protects the house from infiltration of hot and cold air. Wood doors do need regular maintenance to protect the wood surface from the elements, so expect to paint and repair this door occasionally. The medium safety rating and one year-warranty are off-set by the wide degree of freedom this carriage house garage door gives you in design options.

If you are thinking about a carriage house garage door for your home in Colonial Heights, Prince George, Petersburg, or Chester, Virginia area, contact Commonwealth Garage Door for more details and a fast and accurate estimate for installation.

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