8 Reasons Not to Put Off Getting Your Garage Door Repaired

When it comes to garage doors, almost nobody wants to spend their money on getting it repaired. In a perfect world, garage doors would fix themselves for free. However, instead of letting it slide when something goes wrong with your garage door, you really should get it repaired. Here are eight reasons why:


About one third of home invasions happen through a door that is not locked or properly secured. If your garage door doesn’t close like it needs to it could invite thieves or other criminals to try to break in. Over a quarter of the time, someone is home when a criminal gets into someone’s home according to police. About 25% of people are injured or worse when they try to confront invaders. Don’t put you or your family’s safety at risk.

Personal Safety

If one of the springs on your garage door fails, it might be tempting to leave it be. After all, you can probably rig it to work still. However, it is a matter of time before the other spring fails because it wasn’t designed to carry such a heavy load. When this happens, major injuries and worse can occur. You don’t want anyone or anything near the door when that happens.

Protect Your Car

Your garage door might seem light because it moves so easily on the rails, but not when it fails. If it is showing signs of needing repair, don’t wait. If it falls down on your car, the 400 lbs or more of garage door is not going to be kind to your vehicle. Then the money you “saved” by putting it off will evaporate and turn into a whopping repair bill.

Maintain Your Home Value

For most people, their home is the biggest investment they will ever make. It should be treated as such as well. Most homes are going to cost about the same as a sports car. If your sports care was making funny noises and acting up, you would do something about it, wouldn’t you? In this case, of course, your home is also protecting and housing your entire family and all your possessions. It’s wise to secure such an investment.

Aesthetics and Visuals

One of the first impressions people have when they see your home is your garage door because it is so prominent. If there are issues that have a visual downside, like cracked panels or shaky closing and opening, it could give your neighbors and visitors a bad impression of your ability to take care of your home. It also might cause an eyesore for your neighbors that causes tension between you and them.


The reasons that automatic garage doors are worth what people pay for them is that they offer major convenience. You simply drive up and open it at your command. It closes neatly behind you and you are safe in your home. If it’s not working like it should then you have to get out of your car and deal with it manually. This could happen in the peak of bad weather in your area, ruining the point of having an automatic door in the first place.

Save Money

It can be easy to trick yourself into thinking that you’re saving money when you repair the garage door, but it’s not the case. You might think that a few dollars here and there will add up in your favor by not paying it. It’s the opposite. In the long run, you spend more money by letting problems grow larger and loom over your home. What might have been a small repair bill can turn into a shocking bill that causes real financial strain on your budget. Don’t let that happen to you. It also costs mental energy because you know deep down that something needs to be done. All of the things it can damage like your home, car, and family, are not worth the short term savings.

The Right Thing to Do

Sometimes there are things in life that just make sense because they are the right thing to do. Getting your garage door repaired is one of those things. If you own something, it makes sense to maintain it. Letting your home rot away or go without repair is a sign of deeper problems. The cost of maintaining something is always lower than letting it grow out of hand as a problem you can’t control.

In today’s world, it is understandable that people want to save money wherever they can. However, they often try to do this is in the face of common sense. If you are very sick, you would get as much treatment as possible. If your garage door is broken, the same logic applies. It is a major investment. It protects your family, it offers convenience, and it makes your home look complete and in good shape. However, that is a fact that is only true if you take care of it properly. Keep your garage door in great shapes with maintenance and you’ll enjoy an easier, more convenient life in your home.