Cleaning up the Garage Door Mess Left by Halloween Pranksters and Tips to Avoid the Shenanigans

Halloween is the time of year for mischief and childhood fun, but many homeowners find that they are also victims of unwelcome tricks and capers. At Commonwealth Garage Doors, we all know someone or have been the one on the wrong end of a dozen eggs or a package of toilet paper. We understand how frustrating this situation is, so we want to give you the best cleaning methods for your garage door, just in case. We also tell you a few things that may help you avoid this problem.

Toilet paper

If this gag gets wet, leave it until the sun or wind can dry it out to remove it the easiest. Toilet paper itself will not damage your garage door, so the only thing you are out is the time to clean it all up. A leaf blower can be your best friend, but you may also need a putty knife or butter knife to lift the tissue from your door carefully. Whether it is wood or vinyl, the best way to remove the stuck toilet paper is to lay the blade flat against the door, and gently slide the tool behind the paper and work downward until it releases. If anything stays on the door, you can let it dry more or use a mild detergent and warm water to clean up the leftover bits of paper. Bonus tip – use duct tape on a long pole like a mop handle to reach places you cannot get to when you find the paper before it gets wet.

Silly string and shaving cream

Always remove these items immediately to prevent staining and damage. A damp cloth will be sufficient for the shaving cream. It is best to use warm water. You can add a little mild detergent if you have a lot to clean. Just remember to rinse the rag frequently to remove all the lather. With the silly string, it is best just to use your garden hose to spray off the garage door first. Anything left over will need removing with cotton balls or q-tips because you can peel the paint on your door if you use your fingernails or a sharp tool.

Pumpkin innards and candle wax

Pumpkin guts are slimy and no fun to remove from any part of your garage or home. The best way to get rid of this mess is to hose it down after you wipe up the bulk of the pumpkin with some paper towel and maybe a pair of latex gloves if sticky things gross you out. Just be careful to avoid stepping in the slippery guts as you clean up. Candle wax will come off easily with a butter knife after cooling. Any leftover residue is easy to remove by heating it up with a hairdryer and dabbing with a rag.

Fake blood

Even if you do everything right, you may end up with a stain that needs painting over after your garage door gets hit with fake blood. The dye in the blood is what causes the problem. For this tricky situation, you should always rinse the fake blood with your garden hose to get as much of the solution off from your door as you can. The residual stain may come off with OxiClean or hydrogen peroxide, but there is no guarantee. As a final method of removal, you can use bleach, but this may lighten the door or leave uneven spots. Always rinse the area after using bleach. If the stain persists, then you may need to paint.


Start by hosing down the door from the bottom up to keep from spreading the egg mess and getting it all over yourself. Work your way up to the egg splatter, and the wetness underneath will let it slide down the door to the driveway. For thicker egg messes or stubborn and stuck-on egg, you will want to make up a bucket of warm, soapy water and use a sponge to wash the door. Always use warm water, or the heat will cause the egg to cook onto the door making it much more difficult to remove.

Five tips to make sure you do not have to clean up Halloween pranks

  • Always illuminate your garage at dark – consider adding a motion detecting light to your garage
  • Make sure at least one room of your house and your porch lights are on at night – a programmable timer can be helpful
  • Pass out candy while sitting in front of your garage door
  • Always bring the pumpkins inside after Trick-or-Treat time is over
  • Consider adding a security camera to the exterior of your garage to detour pranksters
  • Bonus tip: Make sure your vehicle is inside the garage before passing out candy

If you have more questions about cleaning your garage door, call Commonwealth Garage Doors at 804-920-9677. We are happy to help. Have a safe and Happy Halloween.