Five Things You Need to Create an Exercise Room in Your Garage

Do you want to get on a healthy diet and exercise regimen? Perhaps, gym memberships are a pain, and you would love to get rid of the monthly membership fees. Are you running out of room to work out in the house? In any case, you can find space to work out and stay on track. If your basement is full of holiday decorations and keepsakes, then you might want to consider using your garage. You can designate one area of the space to workout equipment, build a loft, or transform the entire garage into an on-site fitness center that all your friends want to have. The transformation can be as extensive or easy as you want to fit within your budget and size of the garage. The five items we discuss below can help you gather materials for your fitness room to get the ball rolling.

A stereo or television

Music is an excellent motivational tool when you need to get in some reps. Putting a sound system in the garage might make it seem like your crunches are not such a chore. Dancing to your favorite tunes is a fantastic way to liven up your fitness routine and burn some calories. If you prefer to workout to a video, then it will be useful to put a television in your garage. You can put it on a stand or use a wall mounting system that will allow you to use the T.V. on a swivel so that you can see it from any angle of the building.

Equipment that you want to use

Variety is the key to reaching your fitness goals. Your workout will become stale if you do the same thing day in and day out. Besides being boring, a monotonous exercise regimen will stall out your progress. Changing up your diet or exercise are two ways you can reignite weight loss and muscle building. Remember to use a combination of aerobic, strength, and flexibility equipment like free weights, treadmills, and resistance bands to mix it up. Choosing equipment that you like to use will help you stick to your goals.

A garage door with insulation

Whether you choose to DIY a corner of the garage or you go all out and hire a contractor to renovate the space, one way to make your garage warmer is to install a dual or triple ply garage door. These doors have steel panels over a polystyrene layer much like a sandwich. The insulation raises the R-value making your garage more energy efficient and blocking out the wind and cold.

A large mirror

Getting into the correct form when you are learning a new style of exercise is not always easy. Installing a mirror where you can watch your form and mimic the instructor is necessary for any garage workout room. If you have a door with glass panels or windows, then you will want to use the side walls for your mirror to reduce the glare. You can also add tinted window film to any glass in your man door and windows.

Having cold drinks and refreshments close is helpful

Unless you intend on stocking a cooler every day or so and buying a bag of ice to keep cold drinks at the ready, then you may want to look at getting a mini-fridge. Staying hydrated is paramount when burning calories, so a handy supply of water is necessary to replenish your body. A small, table refrigerator is affordable and fits into tight spaces. When you plan to use the garage to park and pull the car outside to work out, then you will need to save space anywhere you can. A wall of cabinets can allow you to place a mini-fridge in the design and have space for your workout equipment when you are not using it.

Other tips to consider

Remember to check building codes for your area to see if you need permits to renovate the space says Livestrong. Before adding drywall and forming your fitness area, insulating the rest of the garage will help reduce energy costs for your new space. You might also want to hire a contractor to add plumbing or electrical to the new space if you plan to use a washroom or add fitness equipment that you need to plug in like a treadmill or stair climber.

Popular Mechanics says that you can install a rack system to hold up punching bags, massage table, or a seat to keep little ones occupied while you work out. Your garage transformation can be as big or small as you want to fit your budget, space, and time constraints. Just remember that when you add walls or wiring, you might need a permit, so it is best to check to check local regulations before beginning a full remodel. If you want to use the garage as a dual-space, there is nothing wrong with purchasing items that you can easily store. You can even hang your mirror on the cabinet to save more room.