Front vs Side-Load Garages

If you’re in the process of building a brand-new home, there is a long list of choices that you’ll have to make. When it comes to design, you’ll need to figure out how large you want your home to be, what the general floor plans are going to look like and what the final product will be. Since most homes are constructed with a garage, you’ll be faced with the decision of opting for a front entry garage or a side entry garage. There are pros and cons associated with both, and we’ll discuss them here.

The Curb Appeal of Your Home

It can be difficult to really envision what your house is going to look like once it’s constructed, but it’s important to imagine the house facade. A home that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye is more valuable and has a better curb appeal. When you have a home that has a side loading garage, this often creates more of a focus on the actual living area of the home, versus the place you use for storage and vehicles. This is a nice setup if you have a unique home design that really accentuates the front door, porch, windows, etc. The garage ends up looking like more space in the home, since most side entry garage designs usually have windows incorporated on the side that faces the road.

You wouldn’t really want to use a side loading garage on a home that didn’t have much of a front profile though, as it could make everything appear smaller. In this case, a front entry garage would be more beneficial. It adds width to the front of your house, making it look like you have more square footage. From the street, your garage door can complement the front of the house by matching the door style, color, etc.

A home with two front-facing, single car garages

The Flow of Vehicles

Function is something that’s very important when weighing the pros and cons of a front entry garage versus a side entry garage. When you choose a side entry garage, you’ll need to have a driveway setup that allows you to swing your car around and into the garage. If you’re going to be backing up out of the garage, there needs to be enough room to turn your vehicle so it can easily navigate the curves and space constraints of your garage. If you don’t have a lot of space between your garage and the street or your home is very close to the property next to you, you may be limited to a garage that faces the road. Pulling straight into and out of your garage is the easiest method.

A home with a two car, side-load garage

Space Constraints Associated with Your Garage

When discussing your garage space, you’ll need to decide how many cars you want to fit into that area. Most homes have a minimum of a two-car garage, and some even up that number to two and a half cars, to create a little more space to move around and store items in your garage. Try not to limit the size of your garage if you don’t have to. You’ll appreciate having some of that additional space later on, regardless of whether you’re parking your car in the garage, or you have a lot of outdoor equipment to house.

When your garage is facing the street, it tends to take up less space on your property. It requires less space to pull into and out of, but the design of your home may incorporate square footage about or behind the garage. If you have a lot of acreage to work with and love the concept of a side load garage, then space constraints aren’t something to worry about. Don’t forget to consider any potential changes that may need to be addressed later on. You might have one car to park right now, but there may be a second or third that comes along.

If you are looking to build a compact home that doesn’t have a large footprint (this can reduce the overall construction cost of your new home), a front facing garage is ideal. The floor plans will allow for a room behind the garage and over it.

A home with three side-load, single car garages

If you would like to speak with a garage door professional that can help you determine which garage design is best for your home construction project, reach out to the team here at Commonwealth Garage Door. Our expertise will help you choose between a side load garage or a front entry garage. Our goal is to provide you with an aesthetically pleasing outcome, as well as ensure you have full access to your garage.