How Spring Cleaning Your Garage Keeps Your Family Safe

Besides making it look nice, keeping your garage clean helps protect your family and your vehicle. This Old House says that you can protect your car or truck from sun damage, theft, and weather by making sure your garage is clean enough for regular use. They also post a great list of objects to keep out of the garage and why. By creating specific areas for each group of objects you will store in the garage, you can create storage space that lets you reduce the risks of falls from clutter.

How to organize your garage clean out

  • Plan an entire weekend where the family pitches in to do the work
  • Be ready to sort through every box, container, and corner of the garage
  • Schedule a yard sale to get rid of items quick so that you do not try to hang on to things you want to get rid of
  • Depending on the amount of trash or junk you plan to dispose of, arrange for a large dumpster bag or roll-off container
  • Look into hazardous waste disposal regulations and dates
  • Create three spaces for trash, keep, and sell or donate piles
  • Remove everything from the garage and sort
  • Clean the garage
  • Make a storage plan for the keep items
  • Purchase peg boards, mason jars, clear totes, and large boxes to organize and group like items neatly

Keeping everyone safe from chemicals

Something as simple as motor oil can be harmful for little ones and pets. Most communities have a hazardous waste collection day or a place where you can safely dispose of paint thinner, solvents, and vehicle fluids that do not plan to use. Making sure to store good products in a cabinet with a lock or on a shelf high on the wall are excellent ways to keep dangerous items out of reach.

Cleaning your garage floor has several advantages

While this task is by no means a popular one, ridding the floor of your garage of ground-in dirt, oil, and stains make your garage look better, keeps you safe, retains value, and adds life to your property. Liftmaster says that knowing the right way to clean your concrete or wood floor is a helpful skill for other home improvement projects. With no more slippery floor, there are fewer fall risks. Plus, you already have the garage empty so that you can reorganize it as you put things back inside.

Caring for a concrete floor

  • Remove all objects from the surface
  • Give the floor a thorough sweeping with a stiff floor broom
  • Soak up surface oil and grease with a layer of cat litter for 24 hours
  • Sweep up the litter
  • Add dish soap to the stain and allow to sit for about an hour before adding boiling water and scrubbing with the broom or deck brush
  • Rinse clean with a power washer
  • Use the floor broom to move out large amounts of water to dry the floor faster
  • You may need acid to get rid of deep stains – follow manufacturers instructions
  • Neutralize after a few minutes with baking soda and rinse
  • Let floor air dry

A clean garage helps secure your property

To ensure that you have a clear line of sight around your vehicle, organizing and cleaning your garage is the first step to keeping safe. Adding bright lights and motion detectors are other things you can do when you spring clean the garage. While you have everything out of the space, you can easily install new lights and safety equipment. This time is also a great time to have your yearly garage door inspection. With a clean garage, wear and tear or signs of damage are easier to detect. Any broken parts can be a security risk, so taking care of these items is crucial for safety.

Spring cleaning the garage minimizes accidents

Besides reducing fall risks, a clean garage helps you prevent head injuries from falling objects. You are less likely to hurt your back when everything is easy to reach on a pegboard wall or from a hook. You do not have to reach over piles of clutter to get to the things you need. A clean floor means no slipping. The best part is the that you save time looking for things making projects go faster and minimizing the chance of working when you are sleepy and prone to making mistakes.

Other benefits of spring cleaning your garage

When you care for every part of your property, you ensure that you keep full value. Adding cameras or security equipment often reduces your insurance premium. In the end, you save yourself money and may even build the equity in your home.

To make sure your garage is secure and ready to keep your family safe this year, call to schedule your garage door inspection from Commonwealth Garage Door at 804-920-9677.