How To Transform Your Garage into a Zen Den

Why do you need a Zen den? If you are the person that cannot fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning just to toss and turn, then meditation has ways to help you get more restful sleep. Do you have issues with waking up too early and being up for the day? Do you have space to create a meditation room in the house? If you have an extra garage stall or building space that is doing nothing but sitting there, then you have no excuse not to do something to make you a better version of yourself.

Define your meditation zone

Make sure that everyone is aware that your quiet space is precisely what you say it is. Peace of mind is hard to come by these days, so sometimes doing your yoga or relaxing in a quiet spot means getting away from the house. Your garage is the perfect space to create a yoga, prayer, or relaxation room. If your garage is large enough, you can put your quiet zone in a loft. This way you can still park your vehicles and have a comfortable space to retreat to when life stresses you too much.

Benefits of meditation

  • Inner peace
  • Mental clarity
  • Added focus
  • Lower stress levels
  • Centering
  • Strength
  • Relief
  • Depression lifting
  • Balance
  • Tone
  • Flexibility with yoga
  • Getting rid of the racket in your head
  • Better concentration at work
  • More attention to life and others

Insulate and install sound dampening materials

Acoustic panels, insulation, and spray foam products can help you reduce the noise in your garage. You can add a variety of textures like carpet panels, trim, and rugs to soften your den and minimize sound levels. Furniture like wood tables and chairs provide obstacles for sound waves to travel across diminishing noise and keeping you sane. Check out this meditation room on Houzz where carpet on the walls is stylish and functional. You can use bamboo or another flooring that helps quiet the space too. Carpet tiles are affordable and quick solutions for your den.

Choose a glass front garage door for tons of natural light

Sound and light play a huge part in resting the mind and exploring relaxation. When your quiet zone is your prayer space, then the need for silence is paramount. Your garage door can help you get the peace you need when you decide to replace a single-ply door with a double or triple ply option that has more insulation. You can choose options like this one with windows for natural light too.

Soften the space

Your zen den will not be complete without a room full of pillows and inviting areas should you have others seeking to relax in your zone. Find textures, shapes, and fabrics that make you comfortable like feathers or faux fur. Make your room a place that everyone will see as a retreat. You might find your family and friends get a little jealous and want to use your den when you are not inside.

Appeal to the senses


Sights and smells are two of the primary senses you want to invigorate within your den. You can use candles, incense, tart burners, potpourri, and aromatherapy technologies to infuse your garage with hints of lavender, jasmine, rose petals, and other scents. Essential oil sachets can provide lovely pops of aroma that you can move around the room as you need.


Beautiful decorations like vases, tapestries, and stained glass windows all invoke feelings from people. Pick your favorite accessories and pictures to look at and use them in your den. You might want to select items that make you think of a relaxing place like the beach, a spa, or a rainforest. You can use any theme that makes you feel at home and peaceful.


Treat yourself well when you spend time in your zen den. Prepare a few healthy snacks like fresh fruit and vegetable slices, some lemon water, trail mix, or sweet tea and put them in your garage. You can use a cooler if you do not want to put in a mini-fridge. Your den is anything you want it to be, so if you choose to install a bathroom and a kitchen or bar, then go for it.

Hearing and touch

Whatever sounds make you relax, find a way to use them whether it is with a sound machine or an app on your phone. When you lower the lights and close your eyes, the sound is what you will pay attention to the most. Your soft and welcoming items are the things that you will touch the most, so keep them close by if you want to snuggle or curl up.

Your garage can be a spectacular place to recenter and get rid of stress. To find out more about transforming your garage into a meditation haven, please call our professionals at Commonwealth Garage Door at 804-920-9677. Let us help you find calm in a hectic life with a functional garage that helps you eliminate stress.