How Your Garage Door Sets the Tone for Your Home Office Transformation

When you decide to renovate all or part of your garage to give yourself a specific space for work, then you will want to make sure to include motivation in your design. One way to do this is to install a new garage door that will have the soundproofing you need for a quiet space, but you also want something appealing that makes you want to go to work every day. How easy it is to access your office space is another consideration that can make or break your will to wake up and work hard. Do you want your office to be an extension of your home? Would you rather keep your business separate from the main structure to ensure that customers come to the right door? How you embellish your garage make a huge difference to directing traffic. Accessing the sun is a vital component of working from a garage space. It is hard to meet deadlines when you feel like you are in a dungeon. Your garage door might be the defining feature that helps you accomplish your goals while you work in a beautiful office space.


Forbes says that design goes way beyond using a few accessories to punch up the style. Since we spend so much time working, the environment around us plays an enormous part in our mood and how much work we complete each day. One way that you can make your garage feel beautiful and welcoming is to install a garage door with creative windows like the designer options seen here. By making your office invoke an emotional response through style, you can ensure that you feel ready to work when you step inside your garage turned office.


Do you have several shipments going in and out of your office? Are you always moving equipment in and out of the building? Does your garage host a steady stream of clients throughout the day? If traffic is common for your garage office, then you want to ensure that you use man and main doors that are easy to manage. A remote opening door is helpful when you need to move something big indoors. You can match your side door to the front with the same window design. Two and three-ply doors will raise the R-value of the area and protect you from the cold and wind when working outside.

Blending or separating the office from your home

If you have a large property, then you might want to consider a commercial garage door versus the aesthetically pleasing residential models. Farms and manufacturing facilities often use roll down models like the DuraCoil doors. These doors are popular because they can handle any traffic level you have and stand up to harsh weather conditions. Should you have a smaller facility or want to make your garage match your home, then we suggest using a residential garage door with more flair and customizable options.

Natural light

When you want to feel alert and ready to tackle the day, then you might want to consider using a garage door design that includes a large row or full panel of windows. These doors come with insulation and seals that retain the energy-efficiency while giving you more access to the light. If you are worried about too much sun, then you can add window tint to prevent blinding your customers while they wait.


Check out some of our fun window designs, and see if the appeal can help you feel better about working. The Regency line of garage doors is fun and whimsical for creative spaces. The Sunburst Ranch style is a fun arch design that can make your office soothing and conducive to research and thoughtful brainstorming sessions where the Antique Black Ranch has a busier feeling. This style might make it easier to get the class warmed up for yoga class. Using the theme of your office to dictate the door style you choose can help you set the mood of your business. The key is to make sure that your space is one where you want to spend a large part of your day.

Do you know what style of garage door will enhance your office space and give you more motivation? If not, then Commonwealth Garage Door invites you to look around our selection of residential and commercial door options to see if you can spy one that speaks to you. We can help you create a custom door for your property as well. We offer free estimates and take calls 24 hours a day. When you need a creative space that will encourage you to do your best and put in the most effort, then allow our designers to show you what we can do for your office. You might be happy to find that we service all models and we are a family business. We are proud to offer replacement and repair services for your home or commercial property. To find out more about our models or to contact us, you can reach us online or give us a call at 804-920-9677.