Keeping Your Garage Door Secure

Your garage door is the biggest entrance to your home, and it requires just as much consideration as any other opening when you are planning home security. The remote opener and emergency release mechanism are frequently the points of failure in garage door break-ins. Other important points in garage security involve other doors and windows in the garage structure and making sure the garage cannot become a workshop for thieves trying to enter the house.

The most vulnerable part in a garage door system is the remote control opener. Older models of openers have pre-set codes or a pad for the homeowner to enter a code of their choosing. Having an opener with a pre-set code is not a good idea because it is easy for someone to get in using an opener of the same model.

Changing the code yourself is an improvement, but remembering to do it can be a challenge. Fortunately, newer models of openers use rolling code technology that automatically changes the code whenever the opener is used. There are over three billion possible combinations of code on today’s models, so the chances of anyone gaining access this way is practically nil, if you have one of these openers.

Treating your remote opener as if it were a key is another important garage security measure, and an opener really is a key to your home. Avoid leaving it in the car or with a parking attendant. Consider a small opener that can be attached to a keyring, and keep it safe at all times.

The emergency release mechanism is another point of vulnerability in garage door security. This mechanism is important, because it allows overriding of the electronic opening system if there is a power failure, or if someone is trapped under the door. It is not safe to disable this devise. If you are concerned about this part of your garage door system, consulting with an experienced garage door specialist is the best way of ensuring security in this area. The best solution is different for each situation, type of door and opener.

Two simple methods of securing the garage door when you are out of town are unplugging the opener and padlocking the door on the inside. Using these two techniques together makes your garage door virtually impervious to entry while you are away.

Other important factors in garage security involve windows into the garage and the door from the garage into the house. Frosted windows or blinds prevent someone from figuring out how to pull the emergency release using a wire from outside. Reinforced glass, no windows at all, or windows high up in the wall, are also great deterrents.

The door between the garage and house is another important security consideration. A solid core door with a deadbolt makes your garage much more secure, especially if the garage is sometimes left open, like for use as a workspace. Wide angle peepholes in the door let you have a good look into the garage space from the house and are easily installed.

Keeping your garage door open can be tempting, especially if the space has multiple uses. However, keeping the door closed as much as possible does make it harder on would-be criminals. Consider what is visible inside your garage to someone passing by on the street and how you can minimize anything that might attract break-ins.

Motion detector lights are also a good security measure, and they make getting in and out of your car easier at night. These kinds of lamps can be easily installed in place of regular lights that operate by a switch, and both solar and regular 120 volt models are available.

Your garage is an important part of your home, and the door that protects it protects your entire house. A well-made, properly-installed garage door system is a vital component of home security. New technology openers and well-designed emergency release systems are the most important components of a secure garage door.

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