Modern Designs for Garage Doors in 2021

If you haven’t shopped garage doors in a while, you might be pretty surprised as to what’s out there these days. Modern garage door styles have come a long way, and for the good! Here is our list of Modern Garage Door Styles for 2021:

Modern Plank and Windows Garage Door

The plank garage door has long windows down the side and gives a home a refreshed and unique look. These doors can come in a wide variety of colors. In many cases, you will see dark paint colors used to make the house pop. The window panels are on the side with this design, so they are the opposite of the entry door. This helps frame the area and lead the eye to the front door of the home.

Modern Light Wood Carriage House Garage Doors With Windows

The light wood carriage door is a front-loading garage door that does not take up too much of the curb real estate but makes it pop. Since it is a natural wood tone, it gives a natural and earthy statement. The carriage house garage-style doors look like they are made of wood, but it is an overlay of composite material and steel. This gives you the unique look of wood without having to do any kind of maintenance to it.

Dark Garage Door with Top Section Windows

Another popular design with garage doors is to get a dark garage door that has top section windows. The top section windows are typically in each corner, and this allows for more privacy in your garage. It will be difficult for anyone to see exactly what you keep in your garage so crooks will not be tempted to break in. The dark color option allows your garage to pop and create a unique focal point on your property.

Modern Barn Garage Door

If you want to create a rustic-looking home, consider adding a garage door that is modeled after barn doors. The look of a barn door creates a beautiful look and statement. Consider using a charcoal or black color to keep the home looking modern.

Wood Spanish Carriage House Garage Door

If you have a modern Spanish ranch-style home, you should consider a wood Spanish carriage house garage door. It has round handles and vertical paneling that will simply make your home look even better than it already does. Instead of real wood, you can get a wood composite or steel. There are real wood Spanish carriage house garage doors, but if you do plan to get a wood one, make sure that you maintain it well so that it stands up for many years.

Steel Garage Door with Glass Paneling and Wood Finish

Another popular design for your garage door is to have a door with a wood finish and glass paneling. A wood finish will warm up the look of your garage door and make it pop but not overly so. The glass paneling in these doors helps to keep your house from feeling too closed off. While steel garage doors may cost more, they will be worth it not only for how they create a modern look in your home but how well they stand up to the weather.

Rustic Modern Carriage House Garage Door with Windows

A modern carriage house garage door will make your home look amazing and comes in a front-loading layout. This garage door will look great if you have one single garage door or multiple garage doors. The warm tones of this door will pair with just about anything in your house.

Wooden Cladding Garage Door

Wood cladding garage doors look amazing as they are simple yet beautiful. The horizontal cladding design feels clean and modern. It is perfect to give a satisfying geometrical shape to the home and will add a lot of curb appeal.

Arched Wooden Carriage House Garage Door

The arched wood carriage house garage door has wooden accents that are crafted to look like the Italian-style doors that are found in Italy. The door is somewhat similar to the Spanish ranch-style garage doors, but the finish of the wood and the lines are different. These garage doors have a black accent to the top of the doors that draws attention to the arches, making them stand out from the rest of the door.

Glass Paneling Garage Door

If you want a very modern-looking garage door, consider a glass-paneled one. These garage doors have glass that is mirrored or frosted so that people cannot see in. This unique look will have your home looking amazing.

If you are in the Richmond area and would like to have a modern garage door installed, please call Commonwealth Garage Doors today. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff is standing by to help you to have fully functioning garage doors that make the curb appeal of your home look amazing.