Six Ways to Keep the Peace and Quiet a Noisy Garage Door

Nothing is more irritating than laying back in the hot tub and enjoying a cold beverage and having some quiet time only to hear screeching and squeaking from a nearby garage door. What is even worse is when the equipment making the noise is your door. How embarrassing is it to know your neighbors have constant interruptions with you going in and out to run errands, taking the kids back and forth to school, and going back and forth to work every day? We have several tips to help you keep from being the annoying neighbor in your community below.

Clean and lubricate

All moving parts for your garage door need oiling routinely. Before applying a Teflon or lithium lubricant, you will want to wipe down the rollers, track, seal, and springs for the garage door. A rock or piece of gravel in the door track makes an awful screeching sound, so avoiding this problem is the best idea. Now is a good time to wash down the door to remove any salt, mud, tar, and other debris. While cleaning the garage door assembly, you will want to inspect the springs and door track for damage like cracks, uneven tracks, warping, and worn rollers.

After the garage door is spic and span, apply a generous coat of oil to a clean rag and wipe down the dry parts. If you have an older system, then you might have a chain mechanism that needs greasing. Any door locks and hinges on your garage door will benefit from a good oiling too. Continue adding oil to the door finishing with the seal. You should inspect this weatherstripping carefully to look for holes and cracks where dirt and ice can penetrate the seal making freezing a potential issue in the winter months.

Tighten up the nuts and bolts

Moving objects have fasteners that loosen with use. The more you open and shut the garage door, the faster this problem happens. Freezing and thawing, wide temperature swings, and vibrations can accelerate the issue. Getting in the habit of inspecting your garage door parts as you clean and lubricate the system can help save money and time down the road with costly repairs.

A new set of rollers can quiet squeaky doors

Metal rollers will get noisy with use. Friction causes heat which can damage the assembly. Nylon is a quieter material for these mechanisms. If you have metal rollers, then an upgrade might solve a noise problem. When you have rollers that are over a decade old, installing a new set allows your door to move smoothly and quietly. Living in a community that uses road salt to melt ice and snow can make garage door parts wear out prematurely, so regular checks can help you spot damage sooner.

Install weatherstripping

Good insulation protects the metal components of your garage door from constant moisture. It also keeps dust and gravel from getting into your garage and blowing onto the track or springs. Dirty equipment ends up costing you more money because of premature wear and failure. To prevent the seal from sticking during icy conditions, you can clean and oil the rubber material on the same schedule as the other equipment.

Regular inspections help you find problems early

Sweeping under and around your garage door frequently is the first step to getting a good view of the panels and moving parts. Scheduling time to do the checks while you are cleaning and lubricating the door is the best idea. This method helps ensure you get a good look at the entire system. You can spot problems early like a crack in the weatherstripping before it becomes a hole that lets rain get inside and freeze on winter nights. It is pretty aggravating heading out late for work to find out your garage door will not open. You can imagine how that phone call with the boss will go.

At Commonwealth Garage Doors, we recommend you perform seasonal cleaning and inspections for any garage entrance. When you live in a place that gets extremely hot or dusty, then it might be necessary to perform these tasks monthly. This idea is great for people living near salty ocean areas and cities where large snowfall amounts are common. The salt erodes exposed items.

Call a local garage repair specialist for help

When you cannot find the source of the sound, or the above tips do not stop the incessant noise, it might be time to call in the Calvary. Sometimes, damage is not easy to see. Other times, a specialist has experience with a particular problem and can solve it quickly. There are many benefits to asking for a professional to check out the noise.

When your garage door groans and moans, our certified and licensed repair specialists will provide a free inspection. We offer emergency service 24-7. Our family owned company is proud to be a A+ rated firm with the Better Business Bureau. Check out our grade A reviews on Angie’s List. Call us at 804-920-9677.