The Best Ways to Maintain Your Box Truck Roll-Up Doors

Box trucks are some of the most reliable vehicles in the service and delivery industries. But box truck pull up doors need maintenance once in a while to keep functioning. Let’s get into how to keep your truck on the road.

A key feature of box trucks is their roll-up back doors. Resembling a home’s garage door, these efficient doors make it easier to lift the heavy-duty door, all while keeping your cargo from falling out. That’s why thousands of businesses in Richmond, from AC Repair companies to wholesale food delivery companies, use box trucks every day.

Just like a garage door, these roll-up doors need to be maintained and regularly checked to keep them working correctly. If neglected, you can not only make it more difficult to open, but you could create a hazardous situation. A broken box truck door can damage the items you’re transporting or even cause harm to anyone operating the door if they’re not careful.

Rather than pay for the damages later, make sure your box truck doors are working properly now. Here are some simple steps you can take to make your roll up doors last a long time.

Regularly Clean Your Roll Up Doors

The easiest step you can take is to clean the box truck door on a regular basis. You should make time once a week to clean the tracks and visible mechanical components. This way, you remove dust and debris that can build up over time, eventually clogging the operation of the roll up door.

You can also go the extra mile and keep the inside of the truck clean as well. Sweep the floors, remove debris and dust from the walls and corners. This helps to keep anything from blocking the door’s normal operation.

Gently Open Your Doors

The benefit of roll up doors, like garage doors, is that they’re easy to open and require very little force. In general, you should not forcefully open a box truck door, since that can create problems. If you run into an issue where you need to apply a lot of force to open the door, then there might be a problem.

The last thing you should do is force the door open. Applying too much pressure or making it move against an object could break something, like the tracks or a spring. Rather than paying for the repairs, or replacing the door altogether, try to find the source of the problem and fix it as soon as possible.

Keep Your Door Lubricated

Another common problem that roll up doors run into is their wheels getting stuck on the tracks. On top of cleaning your doors, make sure to regularly lubricate your track wheels to help them move smoothly. This way, you can guarantee that the truck’s door will open correctly every time.

Be sure to use a high quality lubricant, and don’t apply too much. Lubricants can attract dust and other debris to the wheels and track, creating more problems for your door. Use a light amount of lubricant and you won’t have to force the doors open.

Secure Your Cargo

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving the latest in HVAC cleaning technology, a bunch of furniture, or even fruit crates, you should always keep your cargo properly secured in the truck. If your items move around too much, and with a lot of force, they can severely damage your pull up door.

Make sure everything in the truck is securely fastened with a rope or tightly placed to keep cargo from moving around. Also be careful when driving, as even if you secure everything, a sharp turn or a slam on the brakes could still do damage to the door.

Schedule a Maintenance Check

Even if you follow all of these steps and keep your box truck safe and clean, there’s still the natural wear and tear you can’t avoid. Over time, the mechanical parts of the pull up door need replacing, or dirt and grime will build up in between your cleaning sessions. These small problems can add up over time, and soon become larger, expensive problems for your company.

Just like your car or your HVAC system, it’s important to get your box truck door regularly inspected. A rolling door or garage door installer would be the ideal professional to schedule a maintenance check with. Try to schedule it every six months and alongside your truck’s own maintenance check.

Call a Reliable Richmond Pull Up Door Installer

If you’re looking to get your box truck pull up door inspected, or need a fix for a variety of issues, you’ve come to the right place. Commonwealth Garage Doors brings family-values to commercial garage and truck door services. From installations and repairs, our experienced and friendly team will get the job done right.

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