The Five Biggest Reasons Why Homeowners Are Replacing Garage Doors This Year

Do you see neighbor after neighbor getting new garage doors? Is your parking area looking a bit drab these days? Do you use your outbuilding as an office, fitness room, or game room? If you can answer any of these questions with a yes, then you might like to know the top five reasons why people are choosing this summer to upgrade an outside entry door. Number four may surprise you because it is not something we thought of as an advantage of adding a new garage door. We bet you are ready to consider getting a replacement door after you hear what we perks we reveal below.

Appeal and added value

Replacing doors on the exterior of your property will boost your equity. Plus, it adds a nice, clean look to your yard. By upgrading your garage door, you get the chance to redesign your property and give it the character you want. For instance, if you are using one garage stall for an office, then adding a new door with lots of windows will be nice for letting in a ton of natural light and making the space authentic.

Energy savings

Several materials like steel, aluminum, wood, and vinyl are all options you can consider for your new door. Dual panel doors are more energy efficient than single panel doors with polyurethane-filled models giving you a higher R-rating. These numbers tell you how well your door will withstand the elements and retain heating or cooling. The higher the R-rating, the better insulation your door will have once in place. This number uses the density of the foam or insulation, how thick it is, and the type of material to figure the rating. Many people want to save money on utility costs. A new garage door can be extremely helpful when you use your garage for more than parking. If you have storage, tools, and supplies in your outdoor space, then you want to keep your stuff from freezing when you live in an area that sees cold temperatures.


When your garage door has a flimsy panel that lets people see into your personal space, then thieves may target your home instead of moving on to an easier entryway. If you have a door with a simple slide lock or a padlock, then you might be at risk for burglary. Your entry points are a source that you should protect. By adding a thicker door with an automatic opener, you can keep your hands free to use the phone, open doors, carry items, or use your keys without the need to take your eyes off from your surroundings as you shut the door. Several garage door accessories are available including models with chain and belt driven mechanisms.

Lower insurance rates

We are happy to know that many insurance agencies will offer lower homeowner’s premiums to people that upgrade the garage door with a more secure or energy-saving model. This tidbit means that you can feel good about swapping out your garage door this year just like everyone else. Your home will look better, be worth more, be safer, and may even save you money. If you want to make a change, then now is an excellent time to reap several benefits of updating your property and switching to a more modern design. Imagine if you paint the house or add new landscaping. You might find that you get the rest of the neighbors out and working on adjacent properties. The more value the community can amass, the better your home value will be in the end.

Better function

While many may not feel that this benefit is the most important advantage of replacing an entry door, maneuverability is enormous. The ability to slide the door open and shut easily is a huge help when you have an injury, or your hands are full. With an automatic opener, then you can let the door mechanisms do the work while you gather your belongings or make your way inside. When choosing a door, you want to select an option that will fit in your space and fulfill your needs. Whether you need an option that blocks out the heat, sound, or dirt, there are several choices on the market. You can also select from a variety of visor openers, keypads, automatic locks, keychain remotes, and lights to accessorize your garage and give you the experience you want and need.

Your garage is an extension of your home. Should you choose to sell your home, then you can get as much as a 75 percent return on your garage door investment. Commonwealth Garage Doors is proud to be Virginia’s leading local provider of top quality replacement doors and repairs. Let us help you get rid of that creaking and groaning wooden garage door that you hate repainting. We can show you several energy-saving models that will keep your space cleaner, quieter, and safer. If you need emergency service, we are always happy to help with a quick call to 804-920-9677.