Top Seven Trending Garage Renovation Projects This Year

Do you have a garage that you want to transform? Is your other stall in the parking area doing little more than accumulating stuff? Many property owners are converting this space into a usable living area for recreation, hobbies, work, or health reasons. The biggest design trend for garages right now is turning the area into an office for remote work. Studios and game rooms remain popular options for updating the garage.

Benefits of converting your parking space

  • Cheaper than adding on to the home
  • Fewer building permits
  • More room to play, work, or relax
  • Adds appeal to the property
  • Make room for aging parents or college students
  • Higher property values
  • Bonus space when reselling

Home office

With many people working at least part-time from home, it is no wonder that homeowners are looking for a quiet space to work. Sometimes, the best way to get away from the noise of family life is to go outdoors and work, but that is not always possible. Whether you want to convert the entire garage or just a corner where you can charge your cell phone and laptop while working, you can create a layout that fits your budget, timeline, and abilities.

Exercise room

Staying in shape is easier when you have a home gym. With the ability to get out of bed in the morning and go straight into your fitness challenges, you can reach health goals and prepare for upcoming sporting events. With a garage conversion to a fitness room, you can provide your family with all the equipment to stay healthy at any age. It will also be an excellent place for family workouts and bonding.

Zen room

Does stress have you ready to rip your hair out? Do you need someplace to get away from it all? Switching your parking area over to a meditation room is not difficult. A few carpet squares, some thick pillows, and space for aromatherapy and relaxation equipment can get you going. You can change the walls and renovate the area as your free time and budget allow.

Entertainment area

Do you have children? Do you need a place where the family can have some fun, but the weather is not always cooperative? Your garage provides the shelter and space you need for a game room, man cave, or even a home theater. You can entertain friends no matter how hot, wet, cold, or snowy it is outside. Home Advisor says that converting your garage to a children’s play area can keep the toy clutter and noise out of the house.

Extra bedroom

Guest rooms and additional sleeping quarters are the biggest trends in garage conversions this year. The ability to house a parent that needs extra help on your property is a relief to many families. When students find that tuition and housing prices are too high, parents can affordably add an extra bedroom in the garage. If space allows, a loft is affordable and easy to switch out when the child moves out.

Art and crafts studio

Having enough room for hobbies is not as easy as many think. Craft rooms are another top design idea in garage remodeling projects. The extra room gives artists a space to paint, make multiple items at once, and room to let items dry. This project is affordable and can cover the entire garage or just a portion.

Dining room

Many families are adding outdoor living space like decks and outdoor barbecue areas. To get the most function out of a small yard, you can put the dining area in the garage and keep a fire pit or barbecue area outside. If your home is too small to host family dinners during the holidays, then you can invite guests to enjoy your garage space with enough room for all your aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Making the most of your garage transformation

Houzz shows options like putting a dining area outside between the kitchen and game room to connect the spaces and make the garage feel like a natural extension of the house. For a complete renovation, the cost can range between $30,000 and $50,000, but partial and less invasive remodeling projects may only run you a few hundred or thousand dollars.

Garage Conversions says that you can make a built-on space much brighter by switching out the doors. You can select options that allow natural light to filter into the space from the house. For garages that are not a part of the house, it is a good idea to use a motion detecting security light to keep insurance rates low and reduce the chance of burglary. Adding new hardware is a good idea at this point.

When you need more space, then a garage conversion might be the way to go. You can improve your property and add value to the home in the process. With extra room to entertain, chill out, or get fit, your quality of life benefits. If you have questions, feel free to call us at Commonwealth Garage Door at 804-920-9677.