Troubleshooting Tips for Your Automatic Garage Door and When You Need to Call Your Service Professional

As with any mechanical item on your property, the garage door is bound to have an issue at some time or another. Do you know what common problems you can expect to find with an automatic garage door? When can you fix the issue yourself, and when should you call in someone with the experience, tools, and skills to remedy the situation? We answer some of the most typical garage door questions and tell you what signs point to needing expert help in this article.

Why is my garage door sticking?

Several things can create rough movement in your door. One thing might be corrosion on the batteries in the opener. Sometimes, you can switch out the batteries and solve the problem when there is no rust or debris in the opener. The wheel track might have mud, rock, or dirt in the channels causing the door to catch. You can often use a screwdriver to get the debris out of the way. Make sure that nothing is blocking the sensors that could cause the door to stop or move unevenly. Another tip is to check that both sides of the door have the same tension and slack on the cables and springs. Moisture, weather stripping, and damage to the tracks can cause problems too.

How can I reduce the noise my door makes when I use it?

This issue often has an easy fix. Most noise garage doors have something in the track or on the cables. You can visually inspect each inch of the system until you find the problem and remove it. If you find nothing in the way of the mechanisms, then your system might need a little oil. A three-in-one oil is an excellent option for this problem because it will not gum up the tracks and cause problems down the road. Make sure to open and close the door a few times to get the oil through the entire system and be sure that it stops the noise.

Why does my door open by itself?

While this problem is rare, a short in your wiring or garage door opening system can be the culprit. Moisture that invades the wall button, keypad or circuit board can fry the system and cause your door to open or shut when it is not supposed to be moving. If you have any issue like this, we recommend that you always call a specialist like Commonwealth Garage Doors for a fast fix because your safety and property depend on a properly operating door.

How can I fix a wobbly garage door?

Sometimes, you may notice that your garage door dances from one side to the other as it opens or shuts. This problem is typically the result of debris in the tracks, or your door needs some oil, but the springs can also be the source. Check your springs and make sure they are in good shape. If so, then you will want to inspect the garage door motor. You may need a replacement.

How do I keep my door from flying open or shut?

When your door goes wacky and acts like it is speeding up and down, then the problem is often a broken chain or spring. In this case, we always recommend calling an expert because this is a problem that requires specialized training and equipment. You never want to endanger yourself or others trying to fix this issue because you could end up with a serious injury.

When is it time to call a garage door repair specialist?

If you notice any dings or dents in the track that block your door from working properly, then it is best to have a specialist take a look at your garage door. When inspection and oiling do not stop a noisy door from creaking, groaning, or screeching, then the problem might be out of your hands. When you think the motor for your garage door is not working properly, then it is best to have a door technician check it out to be sure. When you activate the garage door opener, and the only thing that moves is the carriage assembly or the trolley, then you will need service from a professional if you are not comfortable loosening the chain and replacing the equipment.

A final tip, if your garage door does not want to move, then you should check the circuit breaker. Sometimes, power surges can trip the breaker for the door much like what happens in the house. Other garage door openers, CB radios, remote control vehicles, drones, and radar detectors can all interfere with your garage door opener or cause your system to work when someone else uses the same frequency. You can test this theory with a code change for your opener. If the problem stops, then you can be sure that this was the reason behind the mysterious open garage door. To get help with your automatic garage door or troubleshooting tips, feel free to contact Commonwealth Garage Door at 804-920-9677.