Types of Commercial Garage Doors

There is a great need for purchasing a proper garage door for your commercial and industrial business. This simple door will protect your work site but also the investment that you’ve made in your business as a whole. A heavy-duty commercial garage door will provide security while also adding to the external appearance of your business. If you’re starting the search for a new garage door, you should be aware of the different types of doors that are available.

Sectional Doors

A sectional garage door for commercial use is essentially a larger version of what you would see in a residential setting. Also known as an overhead garage door, this variety will open and close using a set of tracks and rollers. When it’s open, the door will be parallel to the ceiling. Sectional doors can be made from a lightweight aluminum, but wood and other materials have been used as well. Commercial sectionals tend to be relatively simple, though you may be able to find a variety that has windows or other details.

Roll Up Sheet Service Doors

Steel rolls are used to create this heavy-duty commercial door option, which are then guided up and down by guides. When the door is open, it is stored in a roll at the top of the ceiling to save space. It’s actually a very secure option to keep the inside of your garage protected and safe. You’ve probably seen this style in a storage facility or inside of a store or warehouse in order to section off the various loading dock spaces.

Two exterior commercial roll up sheet service doors; one is closed and one is open

Fire Rated

If you have materials on your job site that are highly flammable, consider investing in a fire rated door. These doors are designed in a way that prevents fire from being able to spread quickly through your building. Your floor plan will actually be sectioned off into different areas that will be protected from not only fire but smoke as well. This option offers protection for your equipment and location while also increasing the amount of time that people have to escape. A bit more research goes into purchasing and installing a fire rated door. There may be codes in place where you live that will dictate what type of fire door you need.

Service Doors

Service doors are a lot like a roll-up variety in that they coil up when the door is opened. However, there is usually a protected hood area the door will roll into in order to prevent the door material from wrapping around itself. Individual slats of aluminum or steel are placed together to create a curtained door. Slightly less sturdy than a sheet service door, you use a chain to open and close the door manually. Though, there are some upgraded versions that utilize a motor to move the door.

Steel roll-up service door in a warehouse

Glass Garage Doors

Commercial glass doors are a bit less durable than a material like aluminum or steel doors, but there is a certain degree of style that comes with this option. Often used for things like car dealerships or a restaurant, glass garage doors allow a lot of natural light to come inside while still offering access. This can be a divider between two different areas, providing the option for an open and airy space when the weather allows.

High Speed Garage Door Access

If you have the need for getting in and out of your garage door quickly, there are high speed options available. A very large door can let a lot of heat out in the winter and a lot of heat inside in the summer. You can save energy costs by using a high-speed door. The actual style of these doors varies, while the high speed comes from the type of automatic opener that is also installed.

You can also opt for an insulated garage door if you’re concerned with energy efficiency. This type of door will be manufactured with some sort of insulating material in between the interior and exterior panels. The multiple layers result in a very strong, energy efficient door.

Five partial glass paneled, sectional, commercial garage doors on a warehouse

Take your time when selecting a new heavy duty commercial garage door. You have a lot of options, and some will be more relevant than others. If you need assistance with this process or would like to work with a reputable garage door company in the Central Virginia area, reach out to us here at Commonwealth Garage Door. We’d be more than happy to walk with you through this process.