What should I do if I lose my garage door opener remote?

You pull up to your home only to find that you’ve misplaced your garage door opener. What do you do if you need to get inside to obtain an item? What if your car is in there and you need to gain access to your garage in order to get to work? You may even be inside of the garage and you need to figure out how to get out. This is an inconvenient situation, but you can take some quick steps to figure out how to gain access to your garage door again.

Getting Out from Inside of the Garage

If you park your vehicle inside of your garage and it’s attached to your home, then you likely have access to both your garage and the car. If your garage door opener where it should be, you can still open the main door to get out. All garage door openers come with a button that is designed to be installed inside of your garage. You can simply press this button in order to gain access to the outside.

If your garage door opener button doesn’t work or power is cut to the opener, you can still open the garage door. There will be a cord hanging from your garage door opener or track. If you pull this cord, the garage door will be released from the opener. You should be able to manually lift the door up and down.

Getting Inside the Garage from Outside of the Garage

If your garage door is attached to your home, you can gain access to the inside of your garage from the door inside of your home. Once inside, you can utilize the button that’s mounted on the garage wall to open the door. You can also engage the garage door release to lift the door.

If you have a key pad installed outside of the garage, you can enter the code to open the door that way. Not all units come with this feature, but it might be a good idea to have something like this installed if you are concerned that you won’t be able to access your garage at some point.

What If I Can’t Get Inside of the Garage?

It’s ideal to get inside of your garage to open the door manually or electronically, but you may not be able to get inside if there is a door that is locked or the access is blocked for whatever reason. In this scenario, make sure that you contact a professional to help you gain access to your garage. There are a lot of intricate springs and parts that are part of your garage door and opener. If you were to manipulate something the wrong way, you could end up causing quite a bit of expensive damage to your garage door. You’ll have more problems to deal with than having lost your garage door openers.

Smart Technology

There are a number of smart devices that you can attach to your garage door opener that allow you to gain access to your garage by way of your smart phone. You’ll be able to open and close your garage door, but you can also do other things like check to see if you closed your door. You can also see if anyone has opened the door without you knowing while you’re away. This is a wise investment to make for your home if you want to have another way of gaining access to your garage if your remotes become lost at some point.

Think About Safety

If you can’t find your garage door opener, it’s important that you think about your safety for a second. Did you lost your remotes or have them stolen? If so, this would mean that someone has access to your garage and potentially your home. A lot of people leave their interior door inside of the garage unlocked for convenience. If somebody can get into the garage, they can get right into your home when you’re not around.

If you can’t account for your remotes, make sure that you’re locking all of the other access points of your home. It’s best to have the issue addressed quickly by a professional that will make sure you have access. You don’t want those remotes to get in the hands of the wrong person, just like you wouldn’t want to lose your house keys.

Commonwealth Garage Door based in Richmond, Virginia can get you up and running with a set of new remotes. Call us at 804-970-9677.  Make sure that you have one in your car, but try placing the other one in a safe spot inside of your home. Commonwealth Garage Door can also make sure that you have a functioning button on the inside of your garage door. There are garage door openers that provide a key pad that can be installed on the outside of your garage. This is a convenient method that doesn’t require any key or remote.