Why We Only Use Amarr Garage Door Products

The garage door of your home is the largest opening you have. It is one of the first things people notice when they walk up or drive by. You depend on your garage door to be sturdy, easy to use, and secure. However, depending on which type you have installed that is not always the case. When it comes to garage doors and components, it might seem that they are all the same at first glance. However, there are big differences between brands. Because of these many differences, we choose to use the best company we can. Here is why we choose Amarr products:


Our customers have told us time and time again how thankful they are that we use Amarr over other brands. And we listen. As a current or future customer, your satisfaction is our number one priority. We want to use the brands that serve you best.

Systematic Approach

A garage door may seem simple on the outside, but it is truly a complex system. It has pulleys, rollers, door sections, springs, and exterior materials that must be executed with precision to work right. If one part is even a fraction off, it could affect your whole garage door system and make it a hassle to use on a daily basis. Amarr understands this and they take care in every part of their manufacturing process.


As a company founded in 1951, Amarr is one of the oldest designers and manufacturers of garage door systems in the world for residential and commercial purposes. We think a h2 history is important in a company that provides parts for one of the most important parts of our customers’ homes.


Amarr offers a stellar variety of garage door options. From carriage house doors, to 4-section doors, to 3-sections, you can select anything your heart desires. And they all can enhance the warmth and curb appeal of your home.


All of their doors are made with high quality, durable processes that protect you from the elements and from would-be thieves and criminals. In addition, you get the safety benefits of their SafeGuard system which protects fingers and hands from serious injury.

Cost Savings

We believe no one should pay more than they have to for quality garage door systems. That’s why we are glad that Amarr prevents you from throwing dollars out and wasting money by having great energy efficiency. With insulation and airtight seals you don’t need to worry about your garage being ice cold in the winter or burning hot in summer either.

Made in the USA

With so many products floating around today, it seems almost everything is made in Indonesia, Mexico, China or elsewhere abroad. Not only are the working conditions poor for these people but the end products don’t end up impressing much.

We think a product made in the USA is important. It is higher quality, more durable, and complies with all U.S. specifications. It also supports more Americans with jobs and Amarr pays their fair share of taxes.

Eco Friendly

Amarr uses 90% recycled content. Even up to 10% of their steel is reused in the mill. With so much talk about climate change and protecting the environment, we are proud to stand behind a company that isn’t just giving lip service to making a difference.


Amarr is always willing to work with us to deliver the best products at reasonable times and prices to our customers. Our trained and licensed installers and technicians are given newfound confidence knowing they are putting only the best in our customers’ homes and businesses. We think that’s how it should be.


Amarr is a multi-award winning company. Houzz, HomeAdvisor and more have recognized them for their quality output and dedication to products that work when they say they should, how they should. In today’s world, that’s becoming a rare commodity.

For your garage door, such a huge part of your home, you want the best. You want security, functionality, style, and reliability. Instead of wondering if it will suit your needs, you want the confidence that the company that made it did their best rather than the minimum they could get away with. That is why we are proud to offer exclusively Amarr products for all of our garage door replacements.

If you need repair or replacement services for your garage door, give us a call today!