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How to Choose the Best Raynor Commercial Garage Door for Your Business

Your business is a source of pride for your company. When you operate a large warehouse or a transportation hub with multiple bays, then you need doors that look good and function well. Raynor makes a wide variety of commercial garage doors for your business. Safety is another factor that you consider when you purchase items for multiple entrances. Roll down doors, traffic entrances, fire-safe panels, and sectional units are some of the basic door types. Commonwealth Garage Door assists our clients in finding the right model. We also install and repair doors and openers for loading docks, farms, and companies that want a high-speed fabric door to conserve energy without slowing down the team.

Rolling doors

These doors take the place of sectional doors in businesses where there is no headroom to roll up the unit. The reliability of this product is one of the biggest reasons why many northeastern firms choose this model. This door works in cold, dusty, and arid environments.

  • Maximum durability
  • Suitable for harsh weather conditions
  • Fits in the tightest spaces
  • Easy to replace in sections versus full door removal and reinstallation
  • Available as a shutter or grill version for additional safety

Doors with partitions

When space is not an issue, this version works well for agencies that need thermal protection. Steel thermal doors are rated for R-values ranging between 10.25 and 17.05. Ribbed garage doors can be put in with or without insulation depending on the client’s needs and environment. Rail and stile and raised panels are two more options in the sectional door category. The latter two provide the ability to beautify a commercial property where design is a priority or concern.

Man doors

Is your business just starting out? Do you have a tight budget for man doors? Fabric traffic units are an excellent option for small businesses that need a reliable and cost-effective solution. The FabriCoil Basic model works well in areas like warehouse docks and commercial properties with few safety worries. The reliability of the product is one of the best features of this option.

Fire safe entrances and exits

Made for sensitive zones where safety and secure confinement is a must, the Raynor line of fire-rated rolling doors and shutters for counter areas has several trigger mechanisms in case of an emergency. Activation occurs when the fire or smoke alarm goes off. Models can have fuses that let the door come down when the temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Raynor has a complete line of these doors available for businesses.

Quick, fabric garage doors

The RapidCoil RC100, RC200, RC300, and RC300 HD versions are high-velocity doors that come down with gravity. Sizes can reach as big as 12-foot by 12-foot to 18-foot by 18-foot depending on the building openings. These doors work exceptionally well for environments that need access several times a shift or day. External applications are secure with the RC300 HD model that has heat, wind, and rain protection. The RC300 model has the Push-Pull technology that lets the door operate very quickly. The flexibility of the fabric door allows it go back in place fast should it derail. Safety is a top advantage of this door model.

Transportation access

These high R-value dock doors provide thermal protection for loading zones. Heavy-duty steel and hardware make sure that this model always performs no matter if your business uses it 24 hours a day. These units also hold up well when heavy equipment like loaders and forklifts go in and out of the door at all hours.

  • Thermal efficiency increases with more insulation
  • Energy-saving foam provides top R-values
  • Pan doors
  • Diamond hinge mechanisms
  • Solid construction
  • Jackshaft line of products applicable for this model

Agricultural builds

These doors are custom designs that can fit entrances as large as 40-feet across and 32-feet high. The doors have hardware that allows them to swing open or raise up depending on whether you need access to tractors, animals, or other farm equipment. You can tailor this option with any color to match your farm or enhance the look and appeal of your outbuildings. There is a full range of commercial lifts for this model as well.

Why choose Commonwealth Garage Doors for your commercial door needs

  • Variety of products
  • License, insurance, and warranties
  • Free estimates
  • Local provider
  • Senior citizen and military discounts
  • Preventative maintenance plans
  • Custom door builds
  • Emergency services

At Commonwealth Garage Doors, we concentrate on enhancing homes and businesses with beautiful, functional, and high-quality doors. We believe in choosing items that combine safety with appeal. Raynor is our company of choice for new commercial doors. However, we service every model and brand of equipment providing convenient assistance for local companies in Chesterfield, Windsor Hills, Bellwood, and Varina, VA. To find out more about Raynor industrial doors, or to schedule a repair visit for your existing entry, please call us at 804-920-9677.