Alternatives to Traditional Sectional Garage Doors

Choosing a garage door style is a major decision. It impacts the curb appeal of your home but can also affect how functional your garage space is. A lot of homeowners are afraid to stray away from the popular sectional door, but there are actually some really great alternative garage door styles to consider. Let’s take a look at some of them.


A sectional garage door is the most traditional and popular type of garage doors that people select. Made from different paneled sections that are connected together with hinges, a sectional door will open and close using wheels on the edge of each roller panel. A track is installed along the sides of the garage, allowing the door to move upward and downward as needed. The door will bend at the hinged sections as it moves along.

When a sectional garage door is completely open, it will be hidden up in the ceiling of your garage. You can usually leave your sectional door open part way, thanks to a set of high-tension springs that are located above the opening of your door. This prevents the door from sliding back down on its own.

Sectional garage doors are most commonly manufactured out of steel, and they require very little maintenance. You can expect your sectional door to last approximately 15 to 30 years. To customize the look of your garage door, this design can include things like windows, textures and colors that match the look of your home.

Brown, wooden, entry door next to a white, roll-up garage door

Swing Out

A swing out garage door is usually used for a smaller structure that doesn’t require a door with a lot of width. Its design is popular for single car garages. It’s very old-fashioned, and you may find that a swing out door is made from wood or galvanized steel. Home construction trends have started to gravitate more towards the farmhouse look in recent years, and swing out doors are relevant in this regard. They’re also really functional. You can have one custom fit to your current door frame.


Sliding garage doors are often used for interior doors, but they can also be used for garage access. Sliding along a track as they open and close, there are a few arrangements that you can choose from. For example, a one-piece door is popular for smaller garages, while you can opt for a two-part door if you have a large opening to cover up. The sliding garage door opens all the way up from a vertical standpoint once you’ve moved the panel aside.

White, tilt-up garage door


Bi-fold garage doors are a modern approach to securing your garage door. This is a very functional option that is also aesthetically pleasing. When open, bi-fold doors have an accordion appearance, providing you with a very convenient solution if you have space concerns.

You have a lot of flexibility with bi-fold garage doors. You can keep them partially open or closed, and you can pull right up to your garage door. They don’t take up a lot of space when they’re being moved to an open or closed position. Plus, bi-fold doors aren’t something you see on every house on your street, so it gives your property a unique look.


Roll-up garage doors are common types of garage doors in commercial settings, but they can be used on homes as well. Typically made from steel, the door will coil up into a roll at the very top of the garage when opened. Because of its strong construction, a roll-up garage door is very secure. They’re also very fire resistant.

You may want to consider a roll-up door if you’re concerned with finding a door that will save space, while also being really functional and durable. Roll-up doors can last for upwards of 30 years when taken care of properly.

Tilt Up

A tilt up garage door is a one-piece unit that simply lifts open and can then be maneuvered back down. It hangs from the top of your garage door frame, making it the perfect choice for a space that has a very low ceiling. Unfortunately, it can kind of cramp your garage door space, making it difficult to park your car in there.

Two gray, bi-fold garage doors

With so many different options for a garage door opening, you really have the option of customizing the look of your home however you see fit. Reach out to Commonwealth Garage Door for more information on any of the door types that we’ve talked about in this article. We would be happy to help you select a door that’s perfect for your home.