Top 7 Ways to Get Your Garage Organized

The garage is often a space that becomes a dumping ground for all kinds of random items. While you may be able to park your vehicle there, you probably have all kinds of other things in your way like sports equipment, seasonal items, children’s toys, lawn equipment and maybe even recyclables that are waiting to be picked up at the end of the week. Unfortunately, a messy garage makes it difficult to safely get in and out of your home. It can also prevent you from being able to quickly get to what you need. Let’s talk about some garage organization ideas that can help you get back some of your floor space and provide you with easy access to your commonly used items.

Peg Boards

Peg boards can be fastened to the walls of your garage and a variety of hooks can be added to the boards so you can hang some of your frequently used items on them. These peg boards come in small varieties that are perfect for tools and small outdoor items (tape, hose attachments, car accessories, etc.) or you can opt for larger boards that allow you to hang up items like rakes and shovels. Everything will be easy to reach when you need it, and you will reap the benefits of excellent garage organization.

Ceiling Storage

Many homeowners don’t realize the amount of overhead storage that is available in their garage. You can make use of space overhead for large items that don’t need to be accessed very frequently. There are bike storage racks that can be raised and lowered from up above your garage door. You can also install garage shelves suspended from the ceiling and use storage bins to house some items that you don’t need all the time. This can include holiday decorations, sporting equipment, tools and more.

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Cabinets on the Walls

To keep floor space clear in your garage, consider storage systems that utilize your wall space. These cabinets can be used for all types of items. Dedicate one to tools that you use around the home and the yard. Another one can house chemicals, lawn products and pesticides. You can even find a cabinet that locks so these items are kept safe so little hands can’t reach them. Your cabinets will not only keep your garage organized, but they also make it much easier to clean your garage when everything isn’t all over the floor.


Lockers are a great garage organization option if you have kids that are constantly bringing their items into the house and creating a mess there. Each child can have their own locker with their name on it. Teach your children to place their items inside when they arrive, such as jackets, shoes and backpacks. This eliminates the need for bringing these items inside of the house, and it keeps your garage organized as well.

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Wall Organizers

Wall organizers give you dedicated spaces for the items that you keep in your garage (fishing rods, tools, gadgets, golf clubs), but you don’t have to use up precious floor space for things like tool bins and shelving. Think about where you want to put the wall organizers but take into consideration opening and closing of car doors and such. You don’t want to bang into anything with your vehicle.

Storage Bins

Storage bins can be used all on their own, but you can also stack them on garage shelves that are hanging from your ceiling or installed on your walls. These bins keep items safe from getting dirty or worn out prematurely. Just make sure that you label your storage bins so you can quickly find what you’re looking for without having to rifle through everything and creating a mess. When you head to the store to buy your bins, try to choose ones that are all similar in size. This will allow them to stack on top of one another nicely without becoming too top heavy or unstable.

Heavy Duty Shelving

The majority of items that are kept in your garage are heavy and bulky. Because of this, you’ll need heavy duty shelving that can hold all of that weight. The shelving you choose should adhere tightly to the wall or ceiling, but you also want to make sure that the shelving material is very durable and strong for anything that’s going to be placed on it.

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