5 Reasons Why You Need a Garage Door Screen

You probably have invested in a screen door for your front door, but did you know that you have the option of getting a screen system for your garage door as well? Your garage doesn’t have to be used solely for your automobile or for storage. It can become part of your lifestyle as well. Why not make the most of your square footage and utilize your garage in ways that increase your ability to enjoy the great outdoors. Let’s take a look at five different reasons why you need a garage door screen.

#1 Make the Most of Your Space

If you’re struggling with the amount of space that you have to work with inside of your home, utilizing a retractable garage door screen can add space to your overall usable square footage. This semi-enclosed area can be very practical for a children’s playroom, a bar area, a home gym studio, or a separate gathering space where the family can watch television or play games together. During the times of the year when the weather is really nice, you’ll get great air flow without having to run heating or cooling equipment. It’s not always in the budget to remodel an area of your home to repurpose that space. You may not even have that room to work with. A garage door screen is a very affordable option that can save you thousands of dollars on a more involved household project.

Garage converted to a home gym with rubber mat flooring

#2 Boost Energy Efficiency

As mentioned above, a garage space stays cool and comfortable without the need for running a whole-house HVAC system. It can get pretty expensive to utilize the furnace or air conditioner, especially when you’re conditioning the air inside of rooms that you’re not using frequently. Some people choose to install a ceiling fan inside of their garage to promote air flow, or you can use a stand-alone unit as well.

If you choose to spend a great deal of time inside of your screened-in garage, you can likely adjust the thermostat inside of your home. There’s really no reason that you need to keep things ultra-cool in the summer if you’re not going to be in there much. This can help you save a lot of money during the warm weather seasons in Virginia.

#3 Keep Bugs Out

Unless you were to completely close up the garage by way of a remodeling project, there’s no plausible way to keep bugs out when the main door is open. A garage door screen provides ease of entry while keeping the area free of mosquitos, bees, flies, etc. It will also keep birds from flying in and out. This is a chemical-free solution to pest control that doesn’t involve chemicals that can be dangerous to your pets and children. If you do need to get in and out of the garage through the main access point, there are screens that feature a door in their design, or the entire screen can be lifted temporarily.

9’x7’ Screen Garage Door with 3 panels

#4 Increase Security

There are a lot of homeowners that like to keep their garage door open when they’re inside of the house. If you do this, you’re putting yourself at risk of theft of the items that are inside. When you incorporate a garage door screen into your setup, this adds a layer of protection that you didn’t have before. Someone that wants to gain access would now have to breach the screen without being noticed. It’s not a process that would be taken on by many.

#5 Create a Cleaner Space

Whether you want your screened in area to be used as a living space or you just want to add protection to your garage, a retractable garage screen keeps things very clean. You won’t experience debris and leaves from constantly blowing into your garage and getting everything messy. Not only does a screen protect the items inside, but it will also protect the tracks and mechanical parts on your garage door. If these areas get very dusty and dirty, this could result in premature failure of your garage door. You can avoid excess garage door repairs with the simple investment of a garage door screen.

6’x7’ Lifestyle Screen Garage Door, White Frames with Black “super screen” and an Entry Door

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