Add a Mudroom or Drop Zone to your Garage

People often give a lot of thought to the front entryway of their home. After all, this area is like a little sneak peek into what’s to come in the rest of the residence. When it comes to practicality though, many homeowners tend to come into the home from their garage. There’s usually some sort of hallway or drop zone that makes this more practical. Rather than messing up your front entry with shoes, bags, mud and moisture, a more durable area that’s tucked away somewhere else is ideal. If you don’t have something like this in your home but do have a garage door that provides access to your home, you may want to consider adding a mudroom or drop zone in your garage. Not having the square footage inside of your home doesn’t have to prevent you from having a functional setup for coming and going.

The Use of a Garage Mudroom / Drop Zone

A mudroom is designed to be a dedicated space in the home, where you can remove your shoes and outerwear before moving into the rest of the home. This is a great idea if you want to prevent trekking a mess into your home when you come in from the outside. Depending on the size of the mudroom that a home has, it can include things like shoe racks, coat hooks, cubbies, lockers, etc.

There’s nothing better than having a clean and organized home, and a mudroom provides you with a space where you can drop a multitude of items. This prevents kids from leaving their backpacks, sporting equipment, and other miscellaneous items in areas like the middle of the kitchen floor or stacked up near the front door.

Some homes also include a laundry setup in the mudroom. It’s an inconspicuous place to keep a washer and dryer, preventing those appliances from having to be stored in your kitchen or down in your basement.

White mudroom cubbies and lockers with black hooks, white garage door, and wooden flooring

Including Storage and Organization in Your Setup

If you have a mudroom or drop zone built into your garage, you can choose what kind of storage and organization you work into the design. Think about what your needs are in regard to this area. Do you have children that are always bringing their belongings in and out to go to school, sports, and other activities? Do you have a place to put your items when you’re getting ready to leave for work in the morning? What about when you get home? Do those items just get dropped on the floor, where they’ll remain until you get around to picking them up?

Your mudroom design can include items that will help everyone stay organized. You can make this setup as elaborate or simple as you would like. A household with a lot of family members may need separate, designated storage spaces for each person. This keeps items organized and in one central location where they can be found easily. If it’s just you and your spouse in the home, a more generalized approach may suffice. Stick with some wall hooks for your coats, keys, and bags. Shoes can simply be placed on a small rug, in a basket, or on a shoe rack. A built-in bench gives you space to drop your items and a place to sit down to put your shoes on.

Unfinished garage with drop zone by the stairs and multiple garage door openers

How Do I Know if I Need One?

Think about where you currently come into your home. Are you happy with that setup, or does it pose challenges? Most homeowners would benefit from some sort of mudroom, providing easy and organized access to the rest of the home. If you don’t currently have a mudroom but would love to minimize the mess that’s made from coming in and out, working this concept into your garage is a possibility.

Adding Value to Your Home

Homes that have a mudroom as part of their layout tend to be far more valuable than those which do not. Some front doors just don’t provide practical access to the home, especially if the main door is situated right in the living room or kitchen. This is an affordable investment that provides you with a practical solution for your entryway issues, but you’ll get a great return on investment if you ever decide that you want to sell your home.

Drop zone with shoes and boots on a shelf near the door in the garage

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