Everything You Need to Know About Garage Door Windows

When it comes time to replace your existing garage door, you are tasked with having to decide what type of door you want to buy. There are many different styles of garage doors to choose from, with each offering their own degree of curb appeal. One detail of a garage door is whether or not it will have windows on it. Wondering which option to go with? Let’s talk more about the pros and cons of each.

Security Considerations

If you’re concerned with the potential of people being able to see into your garage in order to gain access to your home, windows might not be your best option. A garage door that doesn’t have windows will provide a closed off, secure surface that is very hard to breach (especially if you keep it locked). People won’t be able to tell if the home is empty, and they won’t be able to assess different items in your garage that they might want to take.

If you live in an area that is known for experiencing periodic break-ins, windowless garage doors are likely preferred by homeowners there. If you really love the look, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice windows all together. Inquire about garage door windows that have frosted panes. You could also use some sort of curtain or shade to cover the windows when need be.

If your neighborhood is very safe, go ahead and choose your garage door based on aesthetics. You could also use a home security system that ties into your garage door for added security.

Black garage door with frosted, horizontal windows down each side

HOA Rules

Living in a neighborhood with homeowners’ association rules may limit what kind of garage door you can have. Some neighborhoods want all of the homes to look like they are part of the same style or theme, so check with your board of directors to see if there’s anything you need to take into account. Your HOA may require windows on all garage doors, or may require windowless garage doors. Either way, it’s better to find out what’s expected of you before you order a door.


Garage doors are built to withstand some pretty harsh weather conditions, fluctuating temperatures, etc. You can increase the longevity of your garage door by eliminating the use of windows. Windows tend to be one of the first things to allow moisture or cold air through when they’re getting older. You also run the risk of having them crack or break, which could impact how your garage door looks if you can’t find a proper way of replacing the window or repairing it.

Brown, double garage door with black carriage hardware and no windows

Garage Uses

Think about what you use your garage for. If you spend a lot of time in there working on projects, accessing stored items, or even gathering with friends and family, including windows on your door can provide you with a way to let light in without having to open the door.

You can save a lot of money by utilizing your garage door windows for access to light. Running an overhead light while you work can really cause the dollars to add up in a short amount of time. It always makes sense to utilize natural light whenever possible.

Curb Appeal and Value

If you plan on selling your home in the near future, curb appeal and home value are two things that you should really take into consideration. If you’re replacing your garage door now, you should think about what’s going to look good in a few years and what would make your home look nice to someone assessing the exterior.

A garage door that has decorative windows can really increase the curb appeal of a home. Even small windows along the top of the garage door really impacts how valuable a home looks. Just make sure you keep the windows clean, so they look their best.

White, detached garage with 2 single, black garage doors without windows

A garage door really impacts how a home looks but also how it functions. When it comes time to invest in a new garage door, comparing the pros and cons of windows is just one of the things you need to take into consideration. You should also think about a garage door opener, security features, privacy, and the material a door is made of. You want to make sure you have something secure but also lightweight enough that you can easily open and close the door by hand if need be. If you have questions about purchasing a new garage door, reach out to us here at Commonwealth Garage Doors. We are located in the Virginia area and would be happy to help you with all of your garage door needs.