No Parking! Top 5 Unique Ways to Use Your Garage

Your garage doesn’t simply have to house your vehicles when they’re not in use. You can make the most of this space in a number of different ways. Whether you want to use this area for a breezy playroom, or make it your family’s game room, there are countless ways that your garage can transform to include more usable square footage. Let’s take a look at the top alternative ways to use your garage.

Size Matters

Most homes have a two-car garage to work with but that doesn’t mean you have to transform your entire garage into a repurposed area. You have plenty of room to combine different ideas. For example, you could have half the garage set aside to park your car, but the other half could still effectively be transformed into a gym. A small workshop can be tucked away into a corner of the garage with the rest of the area being used predominantly as an office. Because this is such an open and empty area, you really are starting with a blank canvas. Your garage can be anything that you want it to be.

Home Gym

A lot of people end up putting their treadmill or workout equipment in the corner of their bedroom or in a cold and damp area of the basement. Why not create a dedicated space where you can focus on your fitness goals? You don’t have to construct an entire gym by way of a home renovation, it’s actually quite simple to clean out your garage, lay down some affordable gym mats and house your equipment in there. The best part is, you can generate a really nice breeze when the weather is pleasant.

Garage used as a home gym with black, rubber flooring and red and white exercise equipment

Home Office

A lot of people have started working from home in the past couple of years, but there is often a real need for a quiet place to focus. If the kids are home and running through the house, working from home becomes more of a hindrance than a benefit. Utilize a screened-in garage  as your office. You don’t need much more than a table or small desk, and you’ll feel much more relaxed than if you were in your stuffy cubicle at the office. Don’t forget to install a Wi-fi router or extender in there so you have a good internet connection.


Having just one child generates a lot of toys and items. If you have multiple children, then you know how organization can quickly get out of hand. Your garage is the perfect space for a playroom. All of the toys, arts and crafts supplies, and games can be kept organized in a dedicated space where your children can safely play by themselves or with friends. The best part is the rest of your house will stay clean and clutter free.

Home office set up in a garage with desktop, laptop and home decor to make it cozy


Create your very own Zen den inside of your garage by enclosing this space with a screen or even by using a garage door with a glass front. If you decorate the area with a rug, couches and even a bar, you can have some pretty fun and comfortable gatherings with friends. You can even use this space to get away from the commotion inside the house and spend a few minutes by yourself relaxing.


There are a lot of benefits that come from being handy and tackling home projects on your own. Of course, there is certain maintenance that should be done by a professional, but there’s nothing wrong with learning certain skills yourself. It helps to have a dedicated area to keep your tools organized. You could also build a small workbench in your garage, so you have a surface to work on. The garage tends to be a better location for a workshop than the basement, because a lower-level workshop in your house requires you to go up and down the stairs anytime you need a tool. Keeping your tools in the shed can be a safety risk if someone breaks in and steals them. Also, sheds aren’t usually very well sealed off from the outside elements.

2 friends playing video games on a gray, tufted couch in a garage game room lounge

If you would like some advice regarding alternative ways to use your garage, or you need to have some maintenance or repairs done on your garage door in order to prepare this space, reach out to us here at Commonwealth Garage Door. We serve the central Virginia area with pride, treating our client’s homes just as we would our own. We hope that we’ve shown you just how versatile your garage can be, and we’d be happy to help with the installation of a garage door screen for your new space. Those wheels are probably turning and you’re coming up with ways to repurpose your garage right at this very minute!